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    Need help with $800 computer build for star wars old republic

    Budget- $800 usd
    I will be playing Star Wars the old republic and Skyrim and maybe a fps or 2
    I already have a monitor and keyboard and mouse. I need a pre built system as i do not have the time or brains to mess with it im just looking for the best i
    can get for my money thanks for your time and help

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    Looking over the various sites for a $800 pre-built system the best I could find was an i5 2400 with a Radeon 5770: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Produc...82E16883227321

    2nd best (and not above your budget) I found is this, but it's an i3 2100 together with a GTX 550 Ti: http://www.cyberpowerpc.com/system/Gamer_Xtreme_1000/

    My honest recommendation would be to build your own rig, you would get so much more for your money that way. Out of the two I linked, the first one is the better choice.

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    Heck you could save 200$ on building it yourself and go with something similar Marest posted.

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