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    Unable to log in to official site

    Since last night I have been unable to login to the official swtor.com site. When I enter my email and password it just puts me back to the front page but I'm still not logged in (no error message at all.) I already changed my password to comply with the new password rules and I tried resetting my password again last night. When I reset it, it just put me back in the front page with no confirmation of password change or error message.

    Is anyone else having problems logging in?

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    hmm I tried in firefox at first and then chrome and even IE still nothing. I'll try contacting them if no one else if having issues logging in.

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    I have had similar issues. Usually it resolves in a few hours. I am pretty sure the problem is on their side as there seems to be a few versions of the website. Currently, the web page only shows 2 options for their center flash script (take a tour and some jedi guy). Whenever I can log in, there is usually about 8 options. Hope this helps

    My guess is the current site is a filler page until the Friday announcement goes live.

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