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    Could someone post links to good SWTOR streams?

    I want to watch some content, and I haven't seen a good comprehensive list anywhere yet!
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    Well, I am sure there are better ones out there. I only heard of this one since he tried before the nda was lifted (lolz drama). But this is better than nothing right now:

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    Heh, he's got one hell of a d/l going right now.

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    www.twitch.tv/ruintv was posted a few mins ago. the stream wasn't bad.

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    Towelliees streams are always good quality, not to mention funny as hell

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    Quote Originally Posted by Romaxton View Post
    Towelliees streams are always good quality, not to mention funny as hell
    I agree with this, he's actually hilarious.

    RuinTV's stream has a bunch of retards talking on vent, it's quite annoying.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Maximus View Post
    www.twitch.tv/ruintv was posted a few mins ago. the stream wasn't bad.
    This one seems good and someones actually playing

    Also 720p, very cool for streaming.

    wish they would shut up so I can hear the game :/
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    If by funny you mean the most annoying voice in the world, then sure he's a riot.

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    Not bad, ruinTV pledged to have someone playing on their stream 24 hours a day

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    Check out the Darth Hater stream, they're playing on lv 40-50 charachters doing flashpoints and pvp. Good quality and they answer questions.

    Oh and I don't find these people one 50th as annoying as I find Towliee.

    Still streaming btw.
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    www.twitch.tv/ruintv is going through the Esseles for any interested.

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    I find it ridiculously amusing that so many people in the chats for the streams are toting how much better WoW is, and ow it rips off WoW, and "WoW this", "WoW that"

    Who cares?!?!?!?!?

    Go fucking play WoW if it offers so much more and is so much better you would be playing it not watching streams of SW: ToR.

    It's the p[urest representation of WoW and a good reason to get away from that community as a whole.
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    Ruintv is moving on to PVP streams, huttball currently.

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    They're all lower level than I was

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    Guy on RuinTV was pvping as a Jedi Sage. Awesome stuff. Think I'm going to level that at launch.

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    lol towlie stream is fun to watch hes in a dungeon right now

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    Anyone found a smuggler stream? Preferably gunslinger 15-20. I didn't have a chance to test smuggler much last beta I was in, so I'd like to how the gameplay is before I test ove turkeyday.

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    I stream at 720p. Music only. Will be raiding at some point next week. Sage Dps leveling at the moment with pvp in between. Guild going for world firsts at release so tune in for quality play.

    justin.tv/malakxy is my channel (cant post link cuz i dont have enough posts)

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