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    Commando gunnery Trooper experiance beta tester up till lv 16

    Okay I will post little spoilers except name drops on companions. By lvl 10 my trooper experiance was good. My trooper was a commando, and I had to work for Aric Jorgan my first companion. Best way to described him is if he was a drill sergeant in training. Other than that he is a good companion. Ranged DPs he is male Cather, by also lvl 15 i had a romance with Sergeant Jaxo a non companion npc female. How the adult scenes work in this is a black screen and lets your imagination do the thinking. Kiss scene yes. As you lvl you get promoted from Sergeant to Lieutenant. Your ship is quite beautiful to look at, but don't send her in any flying mission yet. The space combat is quite fun, but really challenging. After my class quest I was shipped to Taris. I met Sergeant Elara Dorne a healer companion. She is by the books litteraly by quoting regulations. She is the male Trooper companion romance, but you will not receive her by the end of your taris class story. I knew she was companion about how my current companion reacted to her strict behaivors like she was worse than his own drill sergeants and Spoiler: her accent reminded him of an imperial one, which I knew as british accent

    The trooper class lives up to its name as a massive aoe damage in the commando gunnery spec as I laid down heavily aoe that wiped away 5 weak enemies in 1 hits most of of the time

    Overall by lvl 16 my trooper was an unstoppable killing machine. Trooper class story is fun, and filled with treachery. A class I will play again at Laucnh.

    Also In the esseles a mini boss was the trooper speciality as you could kite this one driod and never let it hit you.

    If going commando gunnery i suggest scavanging and Armstech with Treasure hunting.

    See you on the front lines troopers.

    Also heads up from the beta test a lot of lag was found on last week's Beta Test. So prepare yourself for Lag
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    '"Can your blood atone for genocide, orc? Your Horde killed countless innocents with its rampage across Stormwind and Lordaeron. Do you really think you can just sweep all that away and cast aside your guilt so easily? No, your kind will never change, and I will never stop fighting you."
    - Grand Admiral Proudmoore

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    Hmm, I really didn't notice much lag. There was a little here and there but for what was basically a stress test, I would say it was pretty good overall.
    Glad to see some talk about the trooper. I started to mess with one but kept wanting to go back to my other characters. Think part of it was the starting gear doesn't really make you feel like a trooper... All these other people were wearing heavy armor and I am standing their in a cloth shirt. Smuggler on the other hand I liked a lot and will probably be what I play at launch...at least first.

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