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    H RAG 10man disc/holy stats

    Depending on our comp I was just looking for some input on what stats you guys think I should follow via roll. http://us.battle.net/wow/en/characte...Alyyson/simple
    Running very low spirit and honestly have zero problems and never oom. I do plan on switching in the teir legs for spirit and possibly put in heroic fall of mortality. I don't quite know at this point but definitely gonna forge in some more spirit. Currently heavy mastery build. I will either be healing with a resto druid or holy pally which puts me 2 different roles. I've read a lot into all stats just want to see what other disc priests who have experience and downed heroic rag would recommend in both situations. I doubt I will be going holy which I assume I will just stack haste and spirit. Appreciate any input! (10 man don't forget, I already know what I'd do for 25)

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    It would probably depend on your role as the healer, mastery build would probably be good for tank healing and haste for raid healing. Spirit can probably be messed with since you pretty much know when the damage spikes are going to happen in the fight. Our priest actually went Holy for our kill because he found the mobility for healing helped him a lot, also had better aoe heals and using Body and Soul on our Dreadflame assigned member in p4 worked very well.

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    From what I've seen in our own raids, Holy seems to be much better with a Holy Paladin for obvious reasons on Ragnaros 10 man heroic. Since it is a pretty long fight, I'd suggest getting as much spirit as you can and rest put on Mastery.

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