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    How many people (or beta testers) lost access tonight?

    Came home from work and attempted to log in and it asks for a security answer of my favorite author's name - I never set up a security question like that. They've asked those of us having the problem to post so it can get resolved - funny thing is we cannot log in to the site even to post.

    I hate to think how long it will take to hear back from customer service on this as they are probably slammed with complaints right now about it.

    Anyone else?

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    You're not alone. Other people are having this issue. It should get fixed soon I hope.

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    Thankfully my phone kept me logged in and I can at least post.

    It seems very odd. I remember specifically setting up my security questions and the one it's asking is NOT one I chose.

    I seem to be the only one reporting that problem.

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    I was asked to do this.

    Of course, all I did was click the link given in the launcher, log in, setup the questions, save them, and continue on my way.

    There was a notice on the launcher yesterday that they'd be doing this.
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    I got an email stating I requested to have my password changed... logged in (using an on-screen keyboard...) and was asked a security question. Luckily, I set up the security question.

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    when i signed up for the beta and forum account in march they were asking secret questions i think you just may have forgotten the answers just call them

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    You just have to add a security question on the website and you're set. They announced it in the security thread on the beta forum.
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    Yeah this scared me at first but don't worry, you just log-in on swtor.com and "set" those Questions and Answers and then you can enter the answer in when you log in and your back!
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    OK problem with mine. I tried to log in too many times and now even the website is asking for the question answer which I don't have soultion?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Zor-EL View Post
    when i signed up for the beta and forum account in march they were asking secret questions i think you just may have forgotten the answers just call them
    I know for a fact that unless the other security question options were calculus problems I would have never elected to use favorite author's last name as I do not have a favorite author.....because I do not really read much.

    Phone finally logged me out so now I will wait until I hear from customer service. I suppose a short break from the beta won't hurt.

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    There was an e-mail sent out (or perhaps it was on the beta loading screen or on the forums? I dont remember) a couple of days ago telling us we needed to add security questions and answers and that we wont be able to access the game until we do.

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