View Poll Results: Would you commit infidelity?

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  • Yes, but I wouldn't tell my significant other.

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  • Yes, but I would tell my significant other afterwards.

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  • No, I would never do that.

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Thread: Fidelity.

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    Would I commit fidelity?
    Would I commit trustworthiness? I hope so?

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    No. I would never cheat on my SO. The mere thought is disgusting.
    "Whisper to them that I live only to hold them again, for all else is dust and air."

  3. #23 you mean INfidelity..? Because you're poll:

    Poll: Would you commit fidelity?
    Yes, but I wouldn't tell my significant other.
    Yes, but I would tell my significant other afterwards.
    No, I would never do that.

    No, I wouldn't be faithful?

    Not sure how to vote but my answer would be no, I would not commit infidelity. Lol >_>

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    Been in that situation twice and in both instances I was single. As much as I wanted to I just couldn't do it, it's one of the worst things anyone could do to me so why do it to someone else? It's one of the most selfish acts anyone can carry out, the pain attached to betrayal is horrendous, what ever you give out will always make it's way back to you.

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    Nope. Never. I am a very loyal person.

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    I'd ask for a 3 way in a joking manner and see how'd see take it. Then depending on her answer: yes, I win. Or no, i fool around without her knowing, still i win.

    To be clear i have a girlfriend and not a wife. Marriage is a binding contract so i would put more thought into it. But as it stands now i would bang the other beatiful person if no one found out say on a trip somewhere.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Franklinn View Post
    I don't think you "commit" fidelity... infidelity maybe...
    If you can commit infidelity why can't you commit fidelity? They are opposites of each other after all but in the case of the OP it should be infidelity.

    OT: Can't say if I could or couldn't go along with the situation you posed regardless of the outcome, I've never been in a serious relationship and I know I'd hate to ruin it if I was, I'd most likely feel horrible doing so and would very likely end up telling her if it did happen and because of that I'd say no but I'd never know for sure unless the situation happened.

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    I wouldnt do it, my GF is amazing, and shes the best one out of the all GF's I ever had... To me doing something like that would be a slap into her face for all the times she was good to me and it would be just destroying something that is great between us.

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    No, it's simply unforgivable. I've committed emotional adultery (basically confiding in someone else besides your significant other to the point where you cut them out), but never in a sexual way. Well, that's what my ex-husband called it. I also only did so because he was never interested in me/affectionate with me at the time.

    He actually slept with someone else before we divorced.

    Not sure which is worse, but I would never sleep with anyone else. Ever. I never had the notion or thought to do so. /:

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    Quote Originally Posted by Magisleeper View Post
    Everyone wants to cheat, anyone who says otherwise is a liar, its genetic, more so for males but please dont strart a M -vs -F on me.
    Just tell yourself whatever makes you feel better.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Doubledice View Post
    Lol at those who would....theres enough single people around and if you would cheat on your partner, you dont deserve them
    Instead of thinking of some blonde bimbo you met in a toilet in a nightclub, think of someone else. I'm damn sure everyone of us has someone we'd do anything for. Or to, giggity.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Magisleeper View Post
    Been there done that.

    I cheat, I likely always will;
    Really, how do you live with yourself? People like you makes the world a shitty place to be.
    And how can you say that everyone wants to cheat? I certainly don't wanna, neither does my fiancé. You should be ashamed of yourself spewing out that pile of lies.

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    When I date a woman, i date them because I want to be with them, not just for sex like most people do.
    So once I am with her, all other women pretty much become un-interesting to me, strangely enough

    Also i have had my ex-fiancé cheat on me, it is not a good feeling. So people that willingly say they cheat, try being on the other side of it, it makes you feel like complete shit.

    To be honest I wish it was a crime punishable by sterilization. Since we don't need people like that breeding in the world.

    Quote Originally Posted by Skullmaster View Post
    Instead of thinking of some blonde bimbo you met in a toilet in a nightclub, think of someone else. I'm damn sure everyone of us has someone we'd do anything for. Or to, giggity.
    Sure there are some people that could cause others to stray, but that doesn't mean you can't break up with your current partner before you do it.

    Anyone that cheats is just a weak-willed or selfish person, there is no reason for anyone to cheat as if you do, it means you do not care for your relationship anyway, which means what is the point of being in one.

    just stay single.
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    I could never do that to my significant other. Even if I was to somehow do so (and again, it would never, ever happen) I would be so distraught with guilt...I would feel horrible. I couldn't think of a worse situation than infidelity. I simply couldn't live with myself.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eggwolls View Post
    No, it's simply unforgivable. I've committed emotional adultery (basically confiding in someone else besides your significant other to the point where you cut them out), but never in a sexual way.

    Not sure which is worse, but I would never sleep with anyone else. Ever. I never had the notion or thought to do so. /:

    Having this done to me recently (This past week) I can say for me, that this is the worst you can do to someone in a relationship with you. Especially when you do it to someone who is absolutly 100% committed and loyal to your dumb ass =/

    Having mindless drunken sex with someone because you have weak morals and an even weaker sense of loyalty is one thing. Having a prolonged inappropriate emotional relationship with someone who you are sharing your thoughts, feelings, and time with is another. Being betrayed like that is not easy to get over, because squaring away "he was just horny and retarded" is much easier in my opinion, then wondering why you weren't good enough. When they use words like "soulmate, miss the intimacy, and not about sex blah blah blah" with someone other then you, trust me, this is far more damaging then rolling around in the sack with some stranger and never calling them again.

    At least thats my opinion

    /end bitter angry rant >.<

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    its not an excuse but from experience sometimes you are pushed into it if your to nervous or scared to say no to someone or your put in a situation where you are stuck in a room with someone at a party or something and have nowhere else to go.

    i know its not an excuse but that is what ive seen but i know ppl who do it cos they knokw they can get away with it and they make me sick.

    i kissed someone once when i was in the position i stated before and i felt depressed for a month i told my boyfriend but it wasn't a good thing i dont know how ppl do it and live with it

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    No I wouldn't because I think cheaters are complete scum, At least have the decency to break up with your partner first. To me, relationships are based on honesty and without that, there is nothing, if one cheats without the other knowing, it's the same as stealing, scamming etc. because the cheater is lying to hes/her partner and without honesty there is no relationship, only a big lie, waste of time and hurt feelings.
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    I'm in a long-term serious relationship, and I did fool around with somebody else, and I'm not gonna tell my S/O. It's obviously not a healthy relationship, and I know that is why I strayed (I'm aware that doesn't make it right, but it at least muddy's the waters a bit.) I'm mainly still in said relationship until the end of the lease we have together. And yes, I'm a terrible person, it's been established previously.

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    My wife is a bit of a "cuckquean" fetishist, so it wouldn't be a big deal.

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    This is actually a tough question in my opinion.

    In general in a committed "standard" relationship you would assume to be loyal and exclusive to each other and should strive to be just that. However there are ofcourse factors that can play in and ruin that. More than often its due to neglect or being taken for granted that "makes" people seek it elsewhere. Not that im condoning infidelity by any means, im just saying that it is not always as black and white as some make it out to be.

    The person who wrote earlier that he would always be a cheater... well that could stem from say having been cheated on in a previous relationship and thus resorting to it as a defense mechanism (cheat on them before they cheat on me) or simple insecurity.. or something completely different. Who knows?

    Ofcourse everyone proclaiming their undying fidelity and backbones made of steel make me also think of the relationship dogma that many people tell themselves for security... ie "I am not cheating since i expect her not to cheat" which is all fine and dandy but completely crap in the sense that you should just strive to meet his/her needs in the relationship instead of some quid pro quo nonsense that literally is just a mental lullaby for the insecure and dare i say almost a certain road to forgetting to appreciate your relationship.

    What it comes down to is being honest to the person you care and love and to yourself. If you find yourself wanting others, you shouldnt be in the relationship your currently in or there is just something you miss in said relationship. Something that you could work on together if youre honest about it. Simple as that in my world.
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