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    ok, this is a quick question......

    I recently played Aion online (promised to be awesome, ended up being just another korean grindfest with a horrid combat system) but one thing I really hated about it is how I couldn't have characters from both factions on the same account.

    You had to be one or the other, not both. That system sucks, I play RPGs for their story, even on wow I have a horde toon (main) and an alliance toon (alt) and given how story-driven TOR seems, I plan on creating 1 main republic character and 1 main imperial one (With alts for each class to at least experience their starting story)

    can you create toons from both factions on 1 account? furthermore, how many toons can you create on 1 server (cuz LOTRO had this stupid limit of just 2 toons per server and that just plain simply sucks)

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    Yes you can create both factions on 1 account, and on same server.

    You can have up to 8characters per server.

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    ok, thanks, 8 seems a bit low but whatever, :P


    Por que odiar si amar es mas dulce? (*^_^*)

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    I had Republic and Sith characters on the same server. It was PvE but I don't believe any such restrictions exist on PvP servers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Derah View Post
    ok, thanks, 8 seems a bit low but whatever, :P

    Eh, there are (technically) 8 classes (per faction); alternatively, there are 8 main story lines - 4 per side.

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