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    1. Why no Blood Elf Druids or more race classes for each expansion? (Kinda like MoP in which they might the classes now to the playable races)
    2. Early models for all of the playable races before. What happened to them?
    3. How do like testing the BETA?
    4. If you ever wanted to work for Blizzard?
    5. Will there be more patches in the future?
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    Quote Originally Posted by CalasEU View Post
    Do you know if it's true that only the Sith Inquisitor can get the 'Darth' title? Or can Sith Warriors also get it?

    Thanks in advance !
    I haven't got to that extent atm . But from what i've seen warriors can be darth too (if you check the lore most darths are warriors example= Darth Malgus)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dreavus View Post
    1. Is Emperor Vitiate in the game yet?
    2. Do you get a bag of gear specific to your advanced class now once you choose your AC?
    3. Do you remember what Darth Marr's armor looks like? Which AC of the Sith Warrior uses that armor?
    1.We haven't seen the physical appearance or any mention to the name of the Empero
    2.Yes you do with the new patch that was dropped 2 days ago .
    3.Actually from the pics i've seen of Darth Marr it looks like the Juggernaut's lvl 50 PVP suit without the hood (just the metallic helmet)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Grizzelbar View Post
    How big is the resulting difference between assigning crew on tasks and doing them manually? Is this system a possible solution to gathering bots that we see in all other games?
    At the moment I can't do anything manually . Maybe in the future . Most of the time I'm questing around with Vette and sending both my droid and the captain for missions .

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aviators View Post
    How difficult are the flashpoints? compared to say low-level dungeons in WoW
    I was able to go through the lvl 10 flashpoint (Black Talon)as a Juggernaut without tanking form or any gear for that matter (which means I was a dps just barely holding aggro) and it was easily doable with a mediocre healer and a couple of ranged (yes ranged are better in that particular flashpoint, there are some things you don't wanna be inside as melee). Then at the 2nd lowest Flashpoint (Hammer Station) I was tank specced with tank form and gear . We did it as 3 men (Juggernaut+Assassin+Sorcerer healer+ my Vette) and it was of average difficulty, with the last boss being the most difficult .

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    Anything else ?
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