Thread: Is it just me?

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    Is it just me?

    Or is the healimg animations just not very flashy? I am mainly reffering to operative medic, which was the class I wanted to play. I just dont know, i was a healer for 3 years in WoW but i dont think I could roll one in swtor because of the dull healing animations.

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    Didn't play a healer in beta. But when I played Warzones it freaked me out when someone was shooting at me, only to have it heal me. Thought it was the other team.

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    The healing animations will be different than what you're accustomed to. Remember, WoW heals are based on magic, while 2/3 healers in TOR are based on technology. If you really want some flash, the Sith Inquisitor seems to have a little bit more of it (Like a shield made of force lightning).

    That said, my main was a healer for nearly six years and I don't even notice Priest animations... However, as a tank in both, seeing a little droid summoned that heals me is way cooler than a little flash of light coming over me. Personal preference

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    Flashy.. well I they have there own style for sure. Its just different. Its not ZOMG particle effects like wow for sure as that just wouldnt fit the Sci Fi sytle of the MMO so maybe its just a getting into the genre thing? I admit I was like Hmm at first as well but once you get into it and embrace the healing with med packs, droids or tranc shots then its fun. Try out bounty hunter healing as they have some over the top healing combat animations, especially Kolto missle? I think its called and see what you think.

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    Yea maybe once i actually play it ill get over it. I guess am just to use to the whole flashy fantasy vibe healing.

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    The Consular was more like that style- you may like it a little more if you are looking for that style of healer.

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    I don't know, healing thougha BFG seem more flashy then a flash of light or a magical butterflies from the durids.since it go by the rule of "I HAVE A FUCKING GUN".

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