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    Flashpoints/Warzones/Open World PvP and Operations

    Taken from alterswtor:http://forum.alterswtor.com/index.ph...nd-operations/ - Credit to DarthLozzoHugs

    Updated list (18-NOV-2011)
    D Erikson says at the NYCC 2011 panel that ALL of the Flashpoints will be available to play at lvl 50 in a hard mode.


    6:48: Q: How many of the 15 flashpoints are shared with both factions? A: Ohlen: About a dozen shared. Erickson: I do not remember end game count. Two plus endgame flashpoints.

    17 Flashpoints (but 2 of them might be the same thing with different names)

    • The Esseles - Early Game, Republic Only (lvl 8+)
    • Taral V - Mid Game, Republic Only (lvl 32+)
    • Maelstrom Prison - Mid Game, Republic Only (lvl 36+)

    EMPIRE (Foundry and Boarding Party appear to be parts of the same winged Flashpoint)
    • The Black Talon - Early Game, Empire Only (lvl 8+)
    • Boarding Party - Mid Game, Empire Only (lvl 32+)
    • The Foundry - Mid Game, Both Sides (lvl 36+)

    • Bringing Down the Hammer - Early Game, Both Sides (lvl 14-22)
    • The Tomb Opens - Early to Mid Game, Both Sides (lvl 17-24)
    • Directive 7 - Endgame, Both Sides
    • Battle for Ilum - Endgame, Both Sides
    • The False Emperor - Endgame, Both Sides
    • Mandalorian Raiders - Unknown Level Range, Both Sides
    • The Red Reaper - Unknown Level Range, Both Sides
    • Lost Island - Data mined \ Unknown Level Range, Both Sides
    • Kaon Under Siege - Data Mined \ Unknown Level Range, Both Sides
    • Colicoid War Zone - This might be one of the 2 data mined FP's or it might be something new.
    • Cademimu - Level 30 Flashpoint

    Linked Flashpoints - Most of the Flashpoints appear to be directly linked together such that FP B can't be accessed until FP A is completed. This is something similar in design philosophy to the WoW Scarlet Monastary quartet or IceCrown trio of Instances.
    • Taral V / Maelstrom Prison (lvl 32-40)
    • Boarding Party / Foundry (lvl 32-40)
    • Battle for Ilum / The False Emperor (End Game)
    • Lost Island / Kaon Under Siege

    2 Operations
    • The Eternity Vault
    • Karagga's Palace

    *I think the Operations have 3 difficulty modes - Normal, Hard and Nightmare. Not entirely sure since it has in this screenshot Hard/Nightmare. Those difficulty modes might share the same lockout and that's why I think there are three.

    World Bosses - I found what I assume are world bosses on 3 of the 4 starting worlds so I assume that every planet will have it's own World Boss.

    3 Warzones
    • Alderaan
    • Hutt Ball
    • Voidstar

    Open World PVP - Ilum

    Open World PVP - Outlaws Den / Tatooine

    Here’s an overview of some of the highlights: (Of Outlaws Den)
    Free-for-all rules: Kill anyone and everything that isn’t in your own party/group, including players of your same faction
    Rare vendors – that are killable – and don’t re-spawn on a regular schedule
    Rare resources for Crew Skills
    Map designed with objects and architectural features such as arenas and pits – to do with as you please
    Commerce area with access to your cargo hold (bank) and the Galactic Trade Network (auction house.) Even this area of Outlaw’s Den is not a sanctuary. Always keep one eye open at the mailbox
    It’s well-marked so players shouldn’t be surprised if they stroll into the area
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    Quick update:

    Cademimu is a lvl 30 flashpoint

    Hammer and The Tomb are not related.

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