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    Are Advanced Classes actually classes?

    Just curious. Are the Advanced Classes in this game classes like Knight, Paladin, Mage, or specs like Fire Mage, Demonology Warlock, etc?

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    SWTOR advanced classes are the same as WoW's classes.

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    for your comparison to wow, they're more like specs.
    The advance class system deals with specifics (i.e. healing, tank, damage specialties)

    BUT with recent interviews it looks as though these choices are permanent so it is considered your class in SWTOR terms. I don't believe you can go "respec" your advance class.

    correct me if I'm wrong
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    Quote Originally Posted by galaxiah View Post
    it's a class. But for you comparison to wow, they're more like specs.
    No they're not. Each AC has 3 talent trees just like WoW's classes.

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    Yes, the adv class is essentially a wow class equiv. What confuses people about the concept in swtor is the hierarchy in the class system.

    It goes:
    class -> adv class -> skill trees

    At this time you may only respec the skill tree choices made, the adv class choice made is permanent. Reason being is they are very different from one another.
    ex. sith inquisitor can be either an assassin or a sorcerer. One is essentially a rogue in wow, and the other a mage.

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    The are actual "classes" since they are then divided into different roles. I actually see them like Rift classes except every individual talent tree isn't assigned a name.

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    Quote Originally Posted by galaxiah View Post
    for your comparison to wow, they're more like specs.
    Quote Originally Posted by spleen1015 View Post
    No they're not. Each AC has 3 talent trees just like WoW's classes.
    2. As an example, inquisitor gets the choice of a tank/melee class at 10, or a caster/healer. So, not like specs.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lumicide View Post

    2. As an example, inquisitor gets the choice of a tank/melee class at 10, or a caster/healer. So, not like specs.
    Ah okay. I got the skill tree and advance class system mixed up. My mistake.

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    Oh no, no, not this discussion again...

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    Honestly I'm with Revan... We don't need this thread again.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RevanSparda View Post
    Oh no, no, not this discussion again...
    Agreed. Lol

    Yes, they are. The devs say so, and the ACs play like totally seperate classes and each have 3 talent trees to spec into. 1 is shared, 2 are exclusive to the AC. The shared tree plays very differently depending on what AC you are.

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    It's a class. You just don't pick your final class until level 10. Not that hard to understand.

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    From what I understood (take in mind I don't play it, I just see threads about it and read them when I'm bored) it's something like that compared to WoW:
    -let's say druid and rogue were one class. It's called... natural mercenary (?!) . When you get to level 10, you choose which side you want, you want to be more natural or more mercenary, so rogue or druid. Then you have your three talent trees and off you go.

    Did I explain that right?

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    It has already been said in this thread. But to help those who still wonder how this works: I will go trough this in detail, how you chose your class.

    When you create your character, you chose what basic class you want. Lets say you chose a Jedi Consular. This is your "Main" class. Then you level this class to level 10, while experiencing both melee and some ranged abilities. When you reach level 10, you get the question: Which advanced class do you want? One being Shadow and the other being Sage. Now you have the choice, do you want to be a caster, or do you want to be a melee character? You will still have the same MAIN class. But you get to chose your playstyle even more.

    Lets say you chose Shadow. Because you like melee. Congrats, you are now a JEDI SHADOW. instead of Jedi Consular Shadow.
    You now have the same talent system as in wow. One tree consist of Tanking. One is Melee dps. And one is a balanced tree, that is both ranged and melee. (this tree is shared both with sage and shadow)

    If you chose Sage. Because you like being a caster. Congrats, you are now a JEDI SAGE. instead of Jedi Consular Sage.
    One of the above said trees (3 different) consists of Healing. One tree is Caster dps (like a mage) and one is a balanced tree, that is a mix of ranged and melee (this tree is also shared with sage and shadow)

    I really hope this thread have enough information that in the future we dont need more threads like this!

    Edit: Note that you can not change your advanced class once you have made your choice. I think bioware will add this later on. But its currently not in the game.

    Feel free to edit my post and import it into a sticky

    - Alkzn
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    When you mouse over someone their tooltip says "Level 15 Marauder" or "Level 21 Scoundrel." The game refers to you by Advanced Class rather than by Class because your AC is 999999x more important. It's your real class.

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    They are advance class.

    Every base class have 2 advance class.
    - What they share:
    -- Base class abilities
    -- Same main stat(Str, Willpower, Aim or Cunning)
    -- 1 talent tree.
    -- Story quest line
    -- Companion(and order you get them)
    -- Spaceship.

    - What is different:
    -- AC specific skills
    -- 2 Talent tree specific to your AC
    -- The gear you can wear(Basicly though, usually you gain the ability to use offhands, may it be a shild, dual weild or 2hand weapons). Also you get armor class upgrade sometimes.
    -- Roles. Base class have no roles, AC get skills to tank, heal or dish out more dps.

    They are like a mix of class and specialisation. But it's a permanent choice, so when making your char, try to have a slight idea of what AC you want. To help you, there is info on the AC during the creatino process. (And far more in details once you ahve to pick the AC.)
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    Never quite seen the point of "advanced classes", but that's another discussion.

    I haven't tried SWTOR though, but my previous experience with it says it's rather pointless.

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    because of the lvl 1-10 content, it actually make sense, althought the actual integration of the AC choice is lacklusting. (it's basicly, gratz you are lvl 10! don't miss this npc in the in-between planet shift that give you a totally general quest to talk to a second npc who makes you pick one! oh you pick jedi sentinel? here you go, second lightsaber to dual wield )

    But otherwise, the AC themselves are pretty nice and fun. They feel very different from each other enough I though. (Specially the two choice for each base class).
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    I will give you an example:

    Trooper Class 1-10 It gives 1 tree that both AC can use

    At 10 you choose Vanguard or Commando.

    Vanguard has 1 tank tree and 1 dps tree + the Trooper general tree

    Commando has 1 healing tree 1 dps tree + Trooper general tree.

    You start with a general class and then specialize into an advanced class. General class just puts in the flavour of the AC. What gear does it wear? How does it attack etc. Think of it as if WoW had Fighter class at level 1-10 and then at 10 you chose between Paladin, Warrior, Death Knight.

    EQ2 had this system on release. Fighter, Rogue, Mage, Cleric until level 10 and then you chose your class.

    This advanced class is what you select on WoW character creation for example. Each faction has basicly 8 classes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lumicide View Post

    2. As an example, inquisitor gets the choice of a tank/melee class at 10, or a caster/healer. So, not like specs.
    some specs only get 1 or 2 roles... You don't have to be able to do all 3 roles with each class.

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