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    Now NDA is lifted, Live stream of SWTOR game play

    Watch and discuss in here. The game play is going on right now. You can judge for yourself.
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    I was a little skeptical at first when I looked but when I compared it in my head to what WoW was like when it was released and what it really is like right now, it it doesn't look bad at all. I will wait with buying the game until perhaps one month after release though, to avoid the swarm and let the worst bugs get fixed before I actually try it out.

    Looking good, here's for hoping for a good future for SWTOR! *Raises a drink*

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    I think actually the graphics look really good. The live stream has been playing all day and an excellent way for people to sit back in their arm chair and judge for themsevles. Their are tons of screen shots. Information etc. A live stream and interactive chat.

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