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    Interface, Mounts, Jedi Sage & Republic Fleet (General Stuff)

    Hey guys, I did a quick video to show off some basic stuff that you might be interested in seeing. Hope you enjoy.

    If there's anything you would like to see let me know, i've got a big list of things to do and can add to it

    People have talked bad about the interface but I'm quite happy with it so far. Yes it needs customization! But default isn't THAT bad :P I also think the Jedia Sage is a great class, I welcome any questions about it too.

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    Did you say 40k credits for the riding skill?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alanni View Post
    Did you say 40k credits for the riding skill?
    That's really not that much, tbh.

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    Yes 40,000 for skill and 8,000 for the cheapest mount. IMO it's a lot for level 25 when you can learn it. I was always playing the AH, careful with my money and i only got to about 25k. But that might be due to a poor BETA market. Hard to sell, and has to go cheap :P I also spent money on levelling my crew skills hmmm, and did about 3-4levels from purely playing PVP :P maybe if i quested i'd be around 30-35k.

    Well its not to bad later on but at that stage it will be a lot for most players!
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