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    This a good gaming computer

    whatsup everyone i was wondering if this is a good gaming computer http://www.ibuypower.com/Store/Pre-sale_Special_Z68

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    It's pretty decent would defiantly grab that free upgrade to a 2gig ram card though if you plan on getting it. Should run most games at pretty high specs.

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    GET THAT 6850 you can unlock it into a 6870 or get that gtx 560 promotion
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    Whats the total price, i'm seeing the part choices but no total price.
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    $999 is actually a reasonable price for that system. The only thing that i might worry about is the brand of the PSU but other than that it looks great

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jakexe View Post
    Whats the total price, i'm seeing the part choices but no total price.
    Took me a while to notice it too, but it's in the right side panel underneath the white listbox.

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    GET THAT 6850 you can unlock it into a 6870
    False. Get a source to back this up before posting it

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    I cant believe people still buy from ibuypower and cyberpower. Those two companies have just absolutely awful track records. Even the reviews on their own sites are just blatantly fraudulent.

    It's obvious that the quality of their computers are just garbage. I mean look at the power supply for example. To upgrade from their 700 Watt "mystery meat" of a power supply to a Corsair TX 750 cost 130$. For starters that power supply doesn't even cost that much to buy entirely, let alone upgrading from an exsisting 700 Watt "quality" Ibuypower PSU. I mean clearly their provided power supply is top notch stuff.

    edit: I was gonna suggest simply saving up a one or two hundred dollars and just buying quality from a real botique like digital storm or something. But holy shit have they gone Alienware in recent months. Aka their prices are extremely high now and not even reasonable.
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    The 6870 is a free upgrade from the 6850, so unlocking or not is irrelevant. I would go with the 6870 as well though since with the 560 you just don't know which of the 3 clock versions you would be getting. I would upgrade the PSU as well, although I can't figure out why they require a 700 watt PSU for that system when the Corsair TX650v2 is more than enough to power it.

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