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    Lightbulb (GW2) Tag proposition

    Until they manage to put icons next to the name of posts in the recent posts lists (Pretty sure I read this is what they're gonna do), let's put (GW2) in front of our topic names to eliminate any confusion. I know it's just a minor annoyance, but it still bugs me when people come in posting something wow related.
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    actually if we want to uphold the tag tradition in GW we should have them at the end with brackets similar to guild tags

    ie "my thread [GW2]"

    i would prefer the one forum recent style they had right when the new forums came out at least then there wasnt any confusion

    EDIT: besides why should we have to change when GW2 is going to take over MMO champ? we should make all the wow thread have wow tags in front of them
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    Not a bad idea. The hard part is getting every nub making a thread to do it.
    Also, they are planning to implement game icons/logo on the front page recent posts to hopefully solve the problem.

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    besides why should we have to change when GW2 is going to take over MMO champ?
    It won't just take over MMO Champ. It will take over our lives too!

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    Ooh good idea. I'll probably start doing that. It does get old.

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