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    Wow. Lamest reward ever. You'd think after the debacle last year they'd put in some effort and make a cool reward. An ugly tabbard with WoW on it is nothing special. And only losers will be wearing it. But of course, all the sycophants and blizzard fanbois will be all "WOW THANKS BLIZZARD THIS REWARD IS GREAT"
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    I was fine with how it looked, and that it wasn't an actual tabard.

    But now it's a not-actual-tabard that'll disappear after the Anniversary is over? No es bueno.

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    I'll open it on every toon just to delete it, even my unleveled ones. This is s***, and f*** Blizz for screwing us over another year.

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    Not a tabard.

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    The equivalent of getting a pair of socks for your birthday. Convenient yes, but not very celebratory.

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    If it actually disappears and we're left with nothing to remember the anniversary but a stupid FOS then I'll join the piss hut. This is stupid.

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    Ugliest tabard ever or ugliest tabard ever?

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    It's not even a tabard, it's just a buff that makes it look like you have a tabard.

    Good for leveling alts I guess. Otherwise a kinda lame item. Would have been nicer with another pet :P

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    Quote Originally Posted by Herethebeef View Post
    Wow. Lamest reward ever. You'd think after the debacle last year they'd put in some effort and make a cool reward. An ugly tabbard with WoW on it is nothing special.

    an item that grants 7% experience and 7% rep from now until December 3rd is anything but lame or uncool.
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    An expiring gift? Cool, thanks Blizzard.

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    Not at all crazy about a gift that expires/usable for only during the anniversary...On a more important note, when does it show up on NA realms? I just logged in a minute ago, and nothing is in the mail box.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Driram View Post
    An expiring gift? Cool, thanks Blizzard.
    It's the equivalent of giving someone a parakeet, and forgetting to punch holes in the box.
    See ya, MMO-Champion. Maybe I'll come back when you have some posters and mods who aren't thin-skinned toadies.

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    i'd have been fine with it if the effect would at least somewhat better, like + 20% xp/rep till dec3 or something but 7% rep for 1 fucking hour? wtf
    nvm just realized the item doesnt disappear when you use it, thought it'd be a one use / char item only
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    people seriously need to stop with the entitlement bullshiat "QQ WHERES MY PET QQ" they dont have to give you anything. be happy you get a rep / exp boost.

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    im guessing its a limited duration to temp people into buying/playing for another month of wow

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    I've only been playing for a year. What's wrong with the tabard? What happened last year and the year before that? I'm cool with this since I'm currently levelling an alt and I can see why some people might be upset that it's not something more useful but the sense of entitlement I'm seeing in some of these comments is a bit baffling.

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    I'm happy with this, will make my League of Arathor grind slightly easier. A hell of a lot better than a non-combat pet..

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    Umm, "Gift".
    You didnt do anything for it. Don't like it? Noone cares. It's a gift.
    Show some common decency, smile, and leave.

    If the worst issue you have in your life is that something you received for free, isn't amazing.. I wish I had your problems.

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    Ugly tabard is ugly

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    slightly dissapointed if it dosnt last honestly then we wont have anything to remember the day by >.

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