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    Upgrading current computer.

    Hey guys, I'm looking to upgrade my computer and was wondering if anyone could help =]
    Looking for parts that will let me comfortably run WoW on Ultra settings in a 10 man raiding environment and run fraps alongside it [Even if it lowers fps a bit.]
    These are my current parts, and I'm open to upgrading any part that's needed, current plan is to buy a part a week and upgrade as I get them.

    AMD Athlon II X3 425 triple core processor
    3gb Ram DDR2
    ATI Radeon HD 4300/4500 series


    [Added link because it had more details than I could find on my computer.. >< I'm a noob at this stuff, so go easy. ]
    I'll slap you so hard you'll feel like you've kissed a Freight Train..

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    Bumping, could do with the help. [=
    I'll slap you so hard you'll feel like you've kissed a Freight Train..

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    You would be best off just putting money aside each week and buying everything in one shot, unless you buy the individual parts while they are on sale that week. In either put together a list of items you want for your upgrade and keep an eye on sales.

    For your computer you should do a fresh platform. sandybridge is the only way to go. Do you have an estimated budget? That really is the determining factor.

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    Sandy bridge isn't the only way to go AMD works fine as well the difference between an AMD and Intel processor is what like 7 fps at 1900x1080p in graphically intense games. WoW likes Intel but amd is an option as well especially if going with an AMD processor saves you money.

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