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    Send Text Message To Cell Phone From PC

    Does anybody have any good recommendations for a program to allow a user to send a text message from a computer to a cell phone?

    Preferably a free one... and if not, thats ok as well.

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    If you have e-mail, go for it. I don't know where you live, but basicly you just need the e-mail structure your provider uses, and add the number of the reciever of your text in the appropriate place and then you can send SMS's via e-mail, for free.
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    Quote Originally Posted by k0smo View Post
    google voice
    This. Just make a google account, and it's free texting to any cell phone number, you just have to create your own phone number or have it randomly generate one for you.

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    Most programs will make use of a third party service which will require an account signup.

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    Ill have to try out the email way first. Im not a fan of third party stuff that want my info. Thanks

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