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    Alduin. Simply because shouts. Alduin has so much more than fire.
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    i was not particularly impressed with alduin as a boss, he needed to be more of deathwings size

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    Quote Originally Posted by darrellmonks View Post
    Deathwing: a huge black and fiery drgon the size of 10 inns.
    Deathwing is the size of a re-skinned gunship imo, probably doesn't quite hit 10 inns.
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    Alduin can't die, except by the hands of a dragonborn.

    Holy crap, I felt super nerdy typing that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dassen View Post
    Alduin. Simply because shouts. Alduin has so much more than fire.
    Technically Deathwing can "shout" too saying as its the language of the dragons and Deathwing is a dragon...just sayin =p

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    Quote Originally Posted by Laurcus View Post
    SPOILERS FOR SKYRIM. Alduin is a god, the Nordic counterpart to Akatosh, and he is immortal. The only one that can kill Alduin is one born with the power of Akatosh, a Dovahkiin.

    No matter how much damage Deathwing inflicts on Alduin, even if he shredded his body a billion times and reduced Alduin to ashes, Alduin would be unharmed, and could reform at will. Deathwing is just a dragon aspect, not a true god, he has no means to deal a deathblow to Alduin. Deathwing can tire, Deathwing can bleed, Deathwing can die. Alduin is functionally immune to all these things.
    Technically since Deathwing has been empowered by the old gods, he is in a sense at least able to channel their power. So it is plausible that using some old-god-given god killing power could kill alduin. I think the main problem with either character being put in a fight is that their powers and limits are not very well outlined. Maybe Alduin has a shout that allows him to control all dragons that would work on deathwing. Maybe deathwing can destroy the universe entirely so that alduin cannot exist.

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    Alduin is a bad ass world eater.

    Deathwing is a bad ass world eater + the mad corruption of an old god.

    Ergo, Deathwing wins.
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