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Thread: [Bio] Jarigos

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    [Bio] Jarigos

    Name: Jarigos

    Age: 10,786

    Status: Alive

    Race: Blue Dragon

    Gender: Male

    Alignment: Lawful neutral

    Personality: Jarigos is patient and has the ability to explain things in a way that is easy to understand. He makes a perfect teacher for this ability. Unlike most blue dragons, Jarigos is not particularly reclusive. He enjoys the company of others, including mortals, and has taken it upon himself to teach them about magic and how to properly weild it. When he is not actively teaching others, he is practicing what he knows, or else studying to learn something new. He believes that there is always something new to learn, and he makes it his mission to pursue that knowledge.

    He withdrew a bit from the blue dragonflight when Malygos went insane, so he’s picked up some habits dragons do not usually exhibit. One might even go so far as to say he sometimes forgets he’s actually a dragon; acting like a mortal comes easily to him, and he is a pro at blending in.

    Likes: Magic, teaching, studying

    Dislikes: Stupidity, the color purple, recklessness, immaturity

    Appearance: Many millennia ago, Jarigos hatched from his egg as a deep indigo whelp. Present day, he is almost white – quite a curious transformation took place over the years of his life. His scales lightened and lightened and lightened and he theorizes that in a few centuries, he may be totally white, but for now he retains some light sky blue color and a few indigo scales flecked throughout his hide. He will insist to anyone that asks that this is a natural occurrence, or a side effect of magic use, but it is not.

    His wings are a touch small for his body (which is rather thick) and the membranes are in the same style as other blues – they reach down the length of his body and partway down his tail. These membranes are indigo and semi-transparent. He has a full, white beard (think Malygos) and crystalline horns. They look delicate because they are.

    Strengths: Massive knowledge of magic and the ability to use it with excellence, surprisingly good swimmer

    Weaknesses: Scales are weaker than most, weakened immune system, weakened body in general, not very good at flying, permanent limp in the front and stiff knee in the back, mild neurological problems, susceptible to severe illness

    History: Jarigos is the son of the late Malygos and his prime consort, Sindragosa. He was a very bold and excitable young dragon with a penchant for magical mischief that drove the senior members of the flight, including his father, up the wall. He was always getting in trouble for doing things he shouldn’t have been doing with the natural ley energies found in Azeroth, and though repeatedly told off for it, he didn’t stop.

    Even as a young adult he continued this. He was scholarly in the sense that he wanted to experiment and discover new things, but he often skipped the ‘research’ step and went straight to experimentation.

    He was still quite young when the War of the Ancients happened. Though he was old enough to care for himself, he was still so young that the elder members of the flight were constantly reminding him about his safety. Though they prevented him from following around his mother and father for the longest time, they were not able to keep him away forever. When Malygos took his flight to confront Deathwing, Jarigos snuck out with them and hid among their number.

    What happened next is history: the blue dragonflight was nearly decimated when Deathwing unleashed the power of the Demon Soul. The vast majority of the flight were killed immediately, but some survived the initial blast with terrible injuries. Among the survivors was Jarigos, whose world exploded into mind-numbing agony for only a few moments until he blacked out.

    The young dragon was found some distance away from where the massacre happened by other, older survivors. They collected his broken body and followed their distraught Aspect to Coldarra, where Malygos had made a home for himself in the Nexus. The remnants of the blue dragonflight carved their own caverns into Coldarra as well and set up camp there.

    Like many of the other gravely injured survivors, Jarigos was touch and go for some time. He had suffered a few broken bones, some internal injuries, and massive burns all over his body – all his kin could do in his case and several others was use what magic they could and hope for the best.

    Jarigos woke after two weeks, but he was in dire agony. Nearly paralyzed from the pain of his burns and his broken bones, he remained in the care of other, less injured dragons. Shortly after waking, a fever set in that once more rendered him unconscious for a few days.

    His recovery was slow. The fever came and went, repeatedly attacking his body from the inside out and making his recovery a long, arduous process. Though there were others with injuries just as bad – or worse! – than his, only he suffered with the infections that left him weak and frail.

    Eventually, he did recover. He did not have the strength he used to and when his scales grew back in, they had faded to a lighter blue. It took quite some time for Jarigos to find his legs again, even longer to find his wings, but his movement wasn’t the same as it had been. He had a limp in the front and a stiff knee in the back, the membranes of his wings weren’t fully repaired yet and the infection had caused some minor neurological damage that made his body simply not respond how it was meant to.

    Being young, he formed some insecurity about these new flaws. Nobody ever picked on him for them, nobody ever regarded him as less of a dragon, but he felt woefully inferior to the others that had recovered with their bodies fully intact. He tried to withdraw from the dragonflight as a whole but they held him back, and he secretly needed them: his problems weren’t over.

    Between studying magic by himself and trying to get used to his new way of being, he became ill again. Once again he was reduced to a frail wreck with a fever that threatened to shut him down from the inside out. He was left to the fate of magical remedies and time, which were thankfully kind to him. He pulled through.

    But the process repeated itself several more times over the next several thousand years. Every time he became ill, he shed his scales and grew in lighter ones. Every time he became ill, he became more reclusive than ever. Eventually, he did manage to entirely detach himself from the blue dragonflight. He had become incredibly self-conscious; his kin had a hard enough time recovering from their losses without him being a burden on them.

    So he left and went to study magic elsewhere.

    Having a very great knowledge of the locations of Azeroth’s ley lines, he settled down at the intersection of two somewhere in the snowy hills at the base of Mount Hyjal and chose to study and experiment there.

    He remained sickly even in his time of isolation, but his illnesses were relatively minor comparing to those he’d suffered in earlier years. Still, he figured it was only a matter of time, and it was. He fell deathly ill again, and without the care of his flight, he figured it was the end of him. He was wrong. Though he did not know it, he was very close to the blue dragonflight’s settlement at Mazthoril. The matron protectorate and consort of Malygos, Haleh, found Jarigos ailing at the foot of a steep hill. She helped him recover.

    Once more feeling like a burden on his kin, he left Mazthoril as soon as he was able. In the time he spent with his own kind there, he had perfected the ability to transform from his dragon form into something more convenient, so he decided to practice this newfound ability. By this time the high elves of Quel’thalas were well on their way to greatness, and as they were a magic-oriented culture, Jarigos felt drawn to them.

    So he went to Quel’thalas under the guise of a high elf and observed their culture. He observed their education of young mages and did not interfere, but made notes on how it could be improved upon. He found himself a residence there and continued studying. He even went so far as to make mortal friends, something he never would have thought possible, but alas.. it was so. They had weaknesses too, which made him feel more at ease among them.

    His illnesses continued but were fewer and further between. Though they were still terrible, the high elves knew remedies that lessened his sickness and helped him recover quicker. He came to enjoy their company, though he often found himself on the edge of his seat with the desire to correct them in their usage of magic. They were bold with it and relied heavily upon it to function.. That was not how it was meant to be used.

    But he refrained and after a time, he left. He took to the skies again and again assumed a false identity, this time to observe the humans with their magic. They were clumsy.. But they learned fast and made good students.

    Eventually, the kingdom of Arathor declined and Dalaran was founded. Jarigos went there and stayed for a time both to study and to teach. In a city full of mages, he felt it wise to try to influence their practice of the arcane for the better. He accepted many pupils and proved to be a rather good, patient teacher. He felt he had finally found his niche.

    Though he repeatedly warned the leaders of Dalaran that they needed to be more careful with their magic, they ignored him. Long before the Burning Legion noticed Dalaran, he begged the people in the high seats to exercise caution, but as he was a nobody to them, they ignored him. Knowing that he had done what he could and knowing what the consequences would be for the residents of Dalaran, Jarigos chose to leave before the Legion arrived to cause problems.

    The officials of Dalaran turned to the actual high elves for help and they repeated what Jarigos had said to them, and they took steps to counteract the wrongs they’d done. The dragon, meanwhile, had decided that enough time had passed. He flew back to Coldarra and found his kin in slightly better shape than they had been. He had stories to tell, and he told them..

    The second war occurred and Malygos was finally stirred from his grief-stricken reverie in the Nexus. Deathwing was driven off. Though still not in his right mind, Malygos’ awakening had made the rest of the flight come alive a touch more, as well, and while they did not actively seek things to interfere with, they were no longer quite as reclusive.

    When Malygos finally came out of his madness and took a look at the world, Jarigos was at first excited – their leader, after all, had returned. When the Spellweaver decided that the mortal races were well on the path to destroying the world, his sickly son was not only a touch shocked, but a bit angry, and even moreso when Malygos declared war on the Kirin Tor.

    Though he himself had warned the old mages of Dalaran to be more cautious, he thought that this gesture was a grand overreaction, and he decided he would not stand by his flight if they were going to turn this way. He wasted no time in getting up and flying off, abandoning his friends and family and their war effort. He offered what information he knew to the Kirin Tor of the oncoming Nexus War, and then he flew to Wyrmrest Temple to do the same with the dragons there.

    He once again assumed a mortal guise and appealed to the Kirin Tor, joining forces with them. Due to his sickly nature, he was spared from the rigors of actual combat and instead assisted in developing tactical plans against the blue dragonflight’s assaults. During this time he never let slip that he was among them; he simply played the part of a very well-informed scholar, and those he spoke to bought it.

    Malygos was eventually defeated in the Nexus and while Jarigos felt a pang of sadness for the death of his father, he was forced to recognize that it was likely the only way to end the war. Knowing his flight was probably in chaos without their leader, Jarigos chose to stay hidden among the Kirin Tor instead of returning to them.

    In recent days, he has taken trips from Dalaran to teach at magic schools across Azeroth, from Stormwind to Silvermoon and every big-name academy in between. Since the ascension of Kalecgos – who he’d always rather liked – as the new Aspect, Jarigos has allowed himself brief visits to Coldarra and Mazthoril, but for the most part, he has assumed the identity of a mortal and adopted the lifestyle of one.

    Shapeshifting: Jarigos has two primary forms. The first is of a middle aged, silver-haired high elf with ice blue eyes and an apparently eternal smile. This is his most well-used form and what he uses in the presence of neutral factions as well as the Alliance. He goes by Jaradil Silverwing in this guise. The other is Jahari Flameweaver, a middle-aged blood elf with dark hair streaked with gray, the standard fel green eyes and a marginally more grim disposition. The blood elven guise is exclusive when dealing with the Horde; he finds he doesn’t quite get the same respect in that form.

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    Is he in some way related to Jarygos?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Elyaan View Post
    Is he in some way related to Jarygos?
    Not that I know of.

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