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    Not sure if this was worth its own topic, but I figure other people might have the same questions/concerns.

    Now let's get to the point right away.

    Could anyone tell me how necessary companions will be for questing, as in, will I need to have one/some with me for all/most/some quests. I would much rather prefer to level solo, since dealing with companions is usually just a hassle for me. I'ld much rather just use them as ways to sell my stuff on the fly or let them train professions than actually keep them with me.
    If you want to ignore a large part of the game that's fine I guess...

    It is possible to quest without your companions, at least until around level 20 where I got. Half the time my companion was away doing errands and when he was fighting battles just ended quicker, not really much easier.

    If you don't quest with companions or at least do convos with them present it will be more difficult/expensive to improve their relationship with you. I dunno if this is confirmed fact or if this is just something I heard but I remember someone saying Companions did a better job at crafting and gathering if they have an increased fondness with you.

    If you wanted to take the longer/more expensive way to raise companion fondness without questing there are gifts you can give them.

    Companions arn't as intrusive or overbearing as they were in KOTOR, they don't steer or offtrack a convo when they are there, only occasionally will they do a one line comment, many times they just sit back and basically smile or frown at decisions gaining or losing affection.

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    Companions make soloing a lot easier, especially when it comes to heroic missions. Never needed a group for them. But I guess it depends on your definition of solo. Mine means with no other player intervention, doesn't apply to NPC's.
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    Companions also add to the story and experience. Throughout your travels you will engage in conversations with your companions that will alter your story. Sort of like the way KoToR worked. So the real question is:

    Why wouldnt you want to have your companion/s with you?

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