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    Kind of pointless but....

    I just wanted to say its so great to see so many people that are looking forward to and are going to be playing this game, I personaly have not been this excited about a new game in a long time.
    It esp got bad after i had a chance to play in the last weekend beta, im just about going blind watching the countdown clock tick away.

    Heres to what hopefuly is a very smooth launch and a game that will keep us entertained and coming back for years to come! (hopefuly)

    Ive seen a lot of SWTOR hate posts and now i just let them pass by without even reading them for any other reason then a good laugh, Ive never ever considered myself a "fanboy" about any game i have ever played, even through the 6 years i played WOW.
    But i have to say this game has changed that and yeah i think ive slipped into the catagory of fanboy over SWTOR.

    We have just under a month left, and what will probably be the last beta test coming up this weekend (unless there is a totaly open one) its time to take in a deep breath, get ready and head down the final stretch.

    Hope to run into some of you in the SWTOR world some day soon!!!

    Have fun and good gaming!

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    Cheers. See you at launch!

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    Thanks for the positivity, we like to see that. But, let's not clog up the forums with threads. Try using the large thread :-) Once again, much appreciated.

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