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    Healing priest Addons

    I just came back to the game after nearly 6 months break. Now Curse has wiped all my addons that I used to use, I would be very grateful if you could list what addons you find helpful for your priest, because quite frankly apart from Grid, Bartender, Power Auras and DBM I can not remember any other addons, but I do like them I intend to play holy like I always did.
    Thank you in advance.

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    Weak Auras is like Power Auras on steroids so try that. Vuhdo is like Grid but with some more functions and many people like it but in my opinion Vuhdo is really messy.

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    Are you disc?

    Then Ingela's Rapture Timer is awesome for timing them rapture procs!

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    While everyone can has their opinion, I find vuhdo extremely easy and functional to use. If you haven't seen it, here's what it can do. You basically can set keybinds for your mouse so that, for example, right click throws a shield on someone. It replaces the grid and clique combo that people use to use. I think the 2nd poster may find it messy because he hasn't invested time to set it up perfectly for his tastes. I will admit it takes a little bit of time to set up how you like it, but once done, it's an amazing addon. If you are interested, I use elvui for an entire UI replacement. It's treated me great so far, and it's very streamlined as far as looks go. Good Luck.

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    for me as a disc priest i find this three combo best - Ingela's Rapture, Decursive, Healbot
    healbot let you setup up to 5 spells to bind on your mouse without key pressed + next 5 holding down ctrl + next 5 with pressed alt
    this is 15 spells you can bind and cast like a madness without thinking where your finger is on the keyboard and still can move out of fire ... really, healbost is the best healing addon you can think about ... i tested grid and also vuhdo, but i didnt find them so cool as healbot is ...
    DBM is must have if you are not familiar with encounters

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    Elvui is pretty neat, but there are many options for a nice UI look
    Healbot/Vuhdo/Grid are all the most common for healing I think
    Decursive for when you need to dispel stuff (or just set it up in one of the above addons)
    Add that with what you currently have and you have pretty much all you need
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    Vuhdo is the my personal favorite, I really like being able to see icons of all the debuff's and such. I know grid can do that as well but I think vuhdo is a lot easier to set up. I don't ever remember healbot doing that when I had it.

    I also just dispel with vuhdo, I don't like to use too many addons though.
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    From my own personnal experience:

    Grid - great raid tool that his highly customisable, with additional addons that can increase functionality.

    FortExorcist - has two components: first is a visual cooldown timer bar, where spell/CD icons move along a time bar. Second, is a spell timer that shows alot of information about what is everyone in the raid. This is highly customisable, i.e. you can have it only show things cast by you, only certain spells, you can change the colours, it's honestly a bloody good addon. Found a useful link to help people with this addon:

    OmniCC - puts a numerical timer/countdown on your spells buttons. Makes seeing how long is left before, say PW:Barrier, is ready to use again.

    Move Anything - Does exactly what it says. I moved the default unit frame for myself and my target to a more lower and cental part of my screen to fit nicely around Grid and FortExorcist. Tweaked the position of targets buff, debuffs and cast bar too.
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    I use Grid myself along with a load of additional plugins for it to make it my own lovely creation - like GridCornerIcons and GridStatusRaidDebuff as two examples.

    If you want to customize your Unit Frames, try Shadowed Unit Frames. It looks a lot like Pitbull but doesn't require a PhD in addon setup to get it just the way you want it. It has a better feature (imo) for displaying buffs/debuffs on target frames which I don't remember seeing/couldn't easily find in Pitbull.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hiafi View Post
    Are you disc?

    Then Ingela's Rapture Timer is awesome for timing them rapture procs!
    Got to agree with Hiafi, Ingela's Rapture Timer is a great little tool.

    But, thinking of some others, personally I use clique for healing, though any other addon similar is good, too, like healbot, or VuHdo etc. Though you could also just use mouseover macros (personally, though. I'm not a fan in of it in comparison to using one of the prior mentioned addons, but it's all about the individual)

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    I been playing a holy priest since 2005, and still use alot of the old addons for my interface. I use xperl for my unit frame cause I can customize it to show everything I need with out problem, track pom, inc heals, dispells, ect. Combined with Clique its easy to heal with. DBM, Bartender, Recount and MSCT are the only other addons i use for healing.

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    Big weak auras fan for tracking the anything you want. Prefer vuhdo, very easy to set up clicking with it but takes some time to get it right.

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    Vuhdo is everything you wish for in a raid frame addon and more. Once you set it up, you'll probably never go back to any other raid frame addons. It's THAT amazing. I have tried grid (didn't like it as much), I used healbot for about 1 year (it's great), but once I tried Vuhdo, there wasn't a reason to ever go back to any other raid frame addon. I even took off decursive on my priest because I could do that easily using vuhdo. Vuhdo is also very visually appealing. You can set it up to look however you want it to. You can make it as small or as large as you like, etc. You should definitely give it a try.

    If you want to see how my vuhdo raid frames looks during a raid, here's a screenshot.

    Other than that, I think you should be fine. Power Auras is amazing, but you already have that.
    Perhaps Quartz. It's for your cast bar. You can customize it to show the seconds left and what not. You can also set it to show the red latency bar. It has a few nice things too.

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    Grid (raiddebuffs, priestaoe, clique, extra icons etc added), Power Auras, Dominos, Quartz, RSA, MSBT & BigWigs are my "most important" addons and I love them all.

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    What addon changes the default cast bar (that appears mid screen) so that it shows "X/2.2s" for example instead of the regular bar?..

    If it even is an addon.

    Oh, and I use:

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    Quote Originally Posted by Menderr View Post
    What addon changes the default cast bar (that appears mid screen) so that it shows "X/2.2s" for example instead of the regular bar?..
    I use Quartz as a castbar addon. Its really nice. There are others out there of course.
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    Been using Grid2 recently instead of Grid and really like it. The only thing I haven't got to grips with is the aoe healing options for PoH and CoH - the indicator doesn't appear very often or maybe I'm misunderstanding how it should be used.

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    As holy Im using only Grid and Im pretty happy with that, I doubt I need anything else.

    But thanks for noticing about that Ingela Rapture Timer this really sounds great for disc.

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    Ones I like that haven't been mentioned:

    Hermes - I use this to track raid cooldowns and resses available on the rest of my raid members. You can see when they are using their skill and a timer until the effect expires, and then how long until it is next available with a timer, which is really useful for co-ordinating who has what available when.

    RSA - I use this to announce when I've cast important stuff, for example it will say in text "Guardian Spirit active on X" and then it will say again when it expires, same for PS, Hymns, or whatever you like.

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    I'm a huge VuhDo fan. I've tried grid and healbot, and while they are both nice, VuhDo does more for me.
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