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    [Tags] Tagging and you!


    Tags are a method of organizing a forum so any new comers know exactly what the discussion in each thread is about. Most of the time there isn't an issue since the thread title is "Bear discussion" or "Moonkin gear". However, I've been seeing a handful of "DPS?" "Question. Please help". These are fine to discuss, but it looks extremely unorganized and if a cat wanted to jump into a discussion about cat DPS the "DPS?" thread may be about boomkins.

    I've been tagging things for awhile randomly as I see fit just so people have a better understanding about what the discussion is about, but as a forum we could help each other by becoming organized as a whole.

    How to Tag

    The tagging process isn't something complicated. It just is a small bracketed word or two describing what the topic is. Perhaps the question you're asking has to do with the next patch or possible next expansion. You can tag threads in the title so people know what you're talking about. If you ask a question about DPS, but never mention it was for 4.3 you may get answers that are irrelevant because we're still in 4.2.

    For example:

    [5.0] Guardian spec? - This thread would be a discussion on the recent addition of a 4th spec in 5.0.

    [5.0] Talent Trees - This would be a discussion about which talents you could choose in the new expansion. Had this not been tagged people may think you're asking about the 4.2 talent trees and there would be ensuing confusion.

    [Balance] Ragnaros tips

    [Bear][Raids] Boss positioning

    [Resto][5 mans] Running out of mana

    Active tags

    You can always add more, but these are some basic ones to get started.

    [Patch Number]
    [5 man]
    [Heroic Raid]

    Hopefully now when a Resto druid comes home from work they can open the Resto discussions faster and get through answering some questions before a raid. Previously they'd have to go through a handful of extra posts just to see if there was any resto discussion to be found.

    This isn't anything you can get in trouble for if you don't do it. This is just a way that we can help each other by staying more organized. I'll leave this thread open for discussion in case there is any other organization tips you guys have for us.

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    I like it, I reminds me of how they run alot of threads over at teamliquid, only difference is they use it for things like [H] for Help, [G] for guide etc.

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