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    Quote Originally Posted by WaitingforSWTOR View Post
    Blasphemous people goes to hell, just sayin´
    Yeah this. If SOE hadn't wrecked that game it would still be popular. SWG is perhaps the most mismanaged MMO in history. The Jedi thing, the combat revamp, the disappearing skills.

    Ok so second worst. After this one:

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    SWTOR isn't going anywhere despite what some vocal minority has been saying. The game is solid and it's here to stay and compete with other MMO's.

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    I probably should've picked Never, but since 1+ is 1+ I figured that covers 50 years too =p

    lol at the money to developers thing. This subscription is mandatory theory is being debunked by GW2, and in essence was busted with GW1 already but fine that didn't hold persistent worlds. But ok it's not out yet, we're not totally sure how good it is to them but ArenaN will probably be fine.

    Also, a sub doesn't act as a Bouncer to keep morons out, you'll always have them. Lots of them. WoW had them, Galaxies had them, CoX had them and probably Champions Online did too.

    People forget that many FTP games continue to have a subscription type of option (usually priced the same 15 bucks too) for those who want to go that way. FTP just opens up the door to casuals who don't want to spend 15 bucks per month on a game just to access it. They probably won't play all of the game - I strictly only raid in WoW. I'd be fine disabling PvP entirely, restricted to 3 character slots of choice on but 1-3 servers but only pay 5 bucks a month to play; I'm that example.

    I'm not saying Subscription or FTP is super bad or THE way to go, but a really expansive (though admittedly far more complicated) FTP system can be far more flexible.
    Considering TOR is such a one package game like WoW though I don't see FTP coming soon at all.

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    doubt EA would let it become free to play. And I doubt the active players would become that low.
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    I'm gonna have to go with Never...

    At the moment I think TOR is poised to become the "Sci-Fi" MMO to play.

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    The folks saying never can't be playtesting it.

    Without breaking any agreements, I can at least say there's a reason I canceled my pre-order and ignored my invites for the last three phases before this mass exodus of invites lately.

    Don't get me wrong, it's fun; sure.

    But if I want a WoW inspired game, I'll just play WoW.
    Quote Originally Posted by Basmothel
    Lacking ammo, the forum troll darts into the realm of personal insults and doomsaying; the most primitive means of gaining attention from its peers.
    Quote Originally Posted by Vyadore View Post
    You know something, none of us ruined the game. We make it better. And so do most of you.

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    well, it wont be never. even WoW will go F2P some day.

    but it will be much much longer than 1 year. they have poured a ton of money into this game. the developer and publisher are very big and very successful companies.

    i am being cautiously optimistic that this game can be huge. i've seen many new MMOs fail within the first couple of months. i think SWTOR will do better than all of them though. my biggest fear is that the MMO portion of the game (end game, pvp, raiding), will be somewhat sacrificed to make room for all the levelling/questing/story content.

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    SW:TOR is going to execute order 66 on the WoW player base... subscription or not.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mystik View Post
    never. SNIP

    DCUO was never going to be big.
    Most like this. DCUO was not made in a way to ever be huge. SWTOR has taken soem great things from other MMO's, tweaked them, refined them and added there on game enhancements. Both games in comarrison don't even play the same.

    Here are my thoughts:

    DCUO while a decent game was done in a way that made players not spend the money for many reason on a monthly basis.

    Be that, poor end game, mouse click mechanics, numerous bugs, the (paper, rock, scissors combat) strategies and not to mention how odd the power sets ended up being.

    The game is fun to an extent in the leveling as your like a true superhero, not so much at end game as it puts grinding onto a while new level rarely seen and then that hero you had for 30 levels is no longer a hero but a chump that has to resort many times into running away as a combat strategy.

    I boil DCUO to a game that should have went F2P from the start. It was never worth $15 a month. It's decently fun but not even remotely close to other MMO's out there in the Superhero area and especially not like WOW or Rift or even SWTOR. Those are $15 a month games. DCUO was not.

    The best thing DCUO can do now is hope to do to make some money is get out new power sets that make sense (str/invulnerability set, water set, darkness set, Shiield/weapon set, skies the limit here really jsut make them make some sense as some of the current one are odd), new weapons and styles. People will pay for that stuff and love it.

    However, DCUO's biggest current downfall is it's cash limit. If they don't change it the overall fun of the game, selling gear on the AH and buying styles will die. No one is going to sell good stuff for 2000 cash or lower so you limit a mass of playes on AH. It's not good.

    DCUO will have to change the cash limits. People have to have a way to permanently up their cash limit. Have them buy a higher limit if you need to (it worked or LOTRO) and DC can still make some cash with all the other things but the cash limit is it's biggest hindrance as of now and why after the new wears off. Players will leave again.

    My opinion:

    SWTOR doesn't current have any of the problems DCUO had as I mentioned above. They have avoided those pitfalls. What will cause SWTOR to struggle is getting content out as fast as people will devour it. It wont be odd play styles or skills, a weird mouse clicking interface skill use or even the paper, rock, scissors combat system. All still decent but not $15 a month.

    Other than content release, SWTOR will come together and last a long time. I dare to say never but your options are not long range enough as I think 1+ is a little too open ended. So I have to choose never.

    Quote Originally Posted by Steampunk View Post
    The folks saying never can't be playtesting it.

    Without breaking any agreements, I can at least say there's a reason I canceled my pre-order and ignored my invites for the last three phases before this mass exodus of invites lately.

    Don't get me wrong, it's fun; sure.

    But if I want a WoW inspired game, I'll just play WoW.
    With the NDA lifted you can say pretty much whatever you want.

    I'd be interested to hear your reason or reasons you cancelled.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Fhaze View Post
    This is something I hope to see as well. I enjoyed my time in WoW, and hate to see the poor updates the game gets.

    If BioWare can cause Blizzard to step it up, then that means BioWare will have to stay on top of things. Something like that will lead to one thing: a win for the customers.
    I quit WoW for this reason, they don't give quallity updates... not since BC imo.

    i'm not saying I hope this doesn't happen, because competition makes everything better for the business... for me I hope it helps SW:TOR better since I'm no longer even remotely interested in WoW, everything has felt the same since day 1

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    DCUO was touted as mmo-lite from almost the onset but many didnt pay attention to that. That was their first mistake.

    Their user interface being a poor console port for the pc crowd was another.

    The communication/socialization UI being troublesome was another.

    Then you add to that that they didnt do a good job of balancing the leveling to cap with the grind for skill points(the real leveling challenge) to the masses.

    Then you add to that the fact that many ways of garnering those skill points involve aspects of an mmo or game that not all people desire to play(not everyone wants to pvp, or travel around a zone for hours looking for random briefings(think on em like nodes that randomly spawn to be "mined"), etc) and you then limited more peoples understanding and interests.

    And for a good lasting measure of things, you make the character creation and customization so limiting that when compared up to the other 2 hero style games the player is made to feel cheated... even though the developers go out of their way to emphasize their constantly droned mantra(you're just starting out and the legend is you). What they also fail to tell you is that even if you're a legend, you pretty much have to do the above mentioned mind numbing grindies to get perhaps costume options that you wanted when you actually started the character. Oh and you're always limited to 3 colors.

    The other things are the poor email system, general lack of communication on game happenings except only for marketing purposes etc etc.

    Anyway, once you get past all that the game has some fun stuff. Its just not got alot to give players for the long haul and is better in spurts rather than continuous play.

    After release they did a pretty poor job of managing the game to keep things going. Promises like monthly updates became later and later to the point that they finally had to backtrack on it. Announced their first DLC and that they were going to charge to only backtrack on that due to player uproar from the previously mentioned things etc. Servers became ghost towns which caused them to then "mega server" the servers together... only to be then later caught off guard by their going f2p and the mega's not being able to handle the curious freebies. And the list of mismanagement goes on.

    All told, DCUO and SWTOR are worlds apart(pun intented). Honestly if swtor becomes as DCUO was done, then yes, they'll certainly go f2p in a last ditch effort to hopefully have revenue. Otherwise, swtor has nothing to worry about for a while.
    But that's just my take on it.
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