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    Where did you meet your significant other?

    As the title states, where did you meet your significant other?

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    First learned of each others existence on facebook. Gained interest and fell in love after meeting via the common friend.

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    I actually met my girlfriend in WoW :P

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    I met my wonderful other in wow as well. Not at all expected, but very happy to have her in my life.

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    on the internet
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    A nightclub. She looked bored over all, and i was having a kissing contest with another female friend. Too see which one of us could get the most that night.. Been awhile but think my future wife was the 17th person i kissed that night.

    After 5years or so of marriage decided we wanted kids now have two little boys and planing on a 3rd, now on our 7th year marriage with only about 3 arguements under our belt and a single real fight. Some reason we just get along pretty damn good.
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    was one of the 10 girls i lived with in my first year at university

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    By the river that runs through Suomi in Dark Ages. Have lived with her for 3 years now.

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    She was working as a waitress in a cocktail bar.
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    At my parents’ house, no she’s not my sister.

    It was fireworks night and me and my mates rang around various women to come over for a drink, one of the girls that came brought a friend (my future fiancée) been together 5 years now.

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    In Stormwind. Not kidding.

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    Met her at work.

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    chess club. Not kidding.
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    Thousand Needles in game, a few weeks later at the train station IRL (as I was invited over for a weekend).

    We didn't get together till 4 years later.

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    In a pool in a yatching club. We were about 8 and 7. Now we're 19 and 18 and it's been a long weird relationship but I love her.

    She also had just transferred to my school like a week prior to me meeting her.
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    On WoW about 2 years ago. I was with someone else at the time (also from WoW), but since we didn't work out, I chased her for over a year before she finally said yes. Now we are engaged

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    Well, we broke up last month.. But I met her when I was still in school long ago, we were together for 9yrs.

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    Met her at a cafè / club where we both hung out much, not knowing of each other's existence at that time. One night 2 of her friends approached me and told me 'one of their friends' had an eye on me. Took a while to figure out which one, but we ended up dating, first kiss on the second date. Happy together now for 4 years and married for 1.

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