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    World of Warcraft >.< were getting married next year and we have a baby on the way

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    When I was doing my apprenticeship, I started working part-time again at my old job, KFC T_T It was only weekend work and I was usually on the open shift. We had a new trainee manager. She came off rather bitchy when I was training her for the cook side of things, cleaning fryers and shit like that. Later on into her training, one of the head managers put her in charge of rosters and I noticed she put me on a closing shift on a tuesday night. I told her I couldn't do it then she said something like letting the team down etc ...
    Get to my shift. Am pretty tired from working 5.30am-2.30pm and to start at 5 and finish at around 11 it was pretty tiresome. She could see I was tired and egged me on further. I was getting a bit aggravated at the other staff to pick up their game so we could all finish early cause I had to wake up at 4 and then she said, "How come you have to get up at 4?" I say, "Because I have to get to my full-time job."
    Ever since then she was the nicest person to me and apologized sincerely for putting me on that closing shift. Few weeks later we all hit the piss in town on a saturday night and we've been together for about 2.5 years now
    No, she isn't a manager at KFC anymore.

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    at my former job.

    been together for 10+ years now and getting married next June.
    she's awesome.
    whats the point in running ? You will only die tired

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    Quote Originally Posted by tommypilgrim View Post
    She was working as a waitress in a cocktail bar.
    That much is true. But even then she knew she'd find a much better place. either with or without you...

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    Over there --->
    On WoW ^^
    we used to dislike eachother at the start ;p

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    Through mutual friends, been together for around 2,5 years, we make an odd couple, but she is pretty perfect.

    I look scruffier then normal in this photo. :P
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    At a trade show. Her company and mine do business together.
    2.5 years together now.

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    A BDSM playground. But not like that!

    A friend of mine was doing some performance art at this "art club" for a birthday party, and some people were having their photography displayed. I went with performer-friend, female friend, and my boyfriend at the time. My female friend had invited one of her male friends that I didn't know to meet us there.

    When we got to the "club" we discovered that it was neither a club nor an art galley and was in fact a massive BDSM playground. Saddles, cages dangling from the ceiling, stocks, a rack, a vendor selling whips.... yeah. Half the party attendees were walking around totally naked.

    I'm not a prude but that was quite unexpected. I ended up just chilling at a table in the back with my boyfriend while my girl friend mingled with all the people she knew there. When her friend showed up -- also surprised at the venue -- he ended up hanging with us instead of her. He was really hilarious and the three of us watched the performance together and hung out the rest of the evening.

    We ended up becoming good friends. Eventually the relationship with the guy I had been dating ended for unrelated reasons. Then probably about a year after that, he became my boyfriend.

    Blah blah blah fast forward seven years and our wedding anniversary is coming up in a couple weeks.
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    Met my Mrs whilst playing TFC back in the day (although it was more through chats on IRC). Been together just over 9 years now and are married with kids

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    In Chem 101 at community college.

    I guess you could say...

    *puts on glasses*

    We had chemistry together.
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    honestly what happened in BC? it's like the 60's of WoW everything is in awful colours, shit doesn't make sense and i feel like i'm trippin bawls everytime i level an alt past 58...
    Shattarath is kinda pretty but outside is a technicolor nightmare that looks like someone tied horses to the contrast slider and fired a rifle

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    Quote Originally Posted by tommypilgrim View Post
    She was working as a waitress in a cocktail bar.
    i love you

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    Kinda grew on the end of my arm...


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    I joined the guild he was an officer in.
    We hated each other passionatly.
    I left for vacation with my boyfriend at the time.
    While gone, noticed I was thinking about him and his voice in vent.
    Came back, was super nice after realizing what a toad I was.
    We met IRL 4 months later.
    Fell in love, ended my relationship at the time for unrelated events (he was a complete and utter jerk)
    Moved in together a bit later.
    +2 years later and haven't had a serious argument yet. Never even gotten seriously mad at each other, even when we moved kind of fast and early.

    I wouldn't change him or how I feel about him for the world.
    I'm perfectly okay with change.
    It's you who can't accept.

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    Clearly the rogue stabs them with a poison that revives, and the warrior yells at them until they get up.

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    Originally met my wife in high school. We had a short lived fling during our Junior year...then she switched schools.

    Ran into each other again in 2005, at a 24-hour Starbucks near my apartment at the time. I was chillin with my roommates and she was writing her Thesis. Chatted for a while and exchanged numbers. A couple months later started dating. In 2008, we got married.

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    he is my friend`s older brother, i was dating somebody else but i found out he was interested in me so i broke up with the other guy to date him its been 3 years almost now and we are engaged

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    my previous girlfriends have been largely met due to work, the others were friends of friends. And one stripper.

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    317 like a few days after a nasty breakup with a different guy...I would say my hubby was a rebound guy but I went on some crazy blind dates before him. Scary blind dates /shiver

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    I meet her like many people out drinking with friends, only to be shocked to realise that we both worked in the same place. It all started over me asking her for a light and 8 years of seeing each other and 4 years of marriage I have to say it was the only cigarette that was good for me in the long term

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    I don't have one but my parents have a funny ass story. They both got this weird foot operation, not sure what it was for. They went on this trip to the Bahamas. Their flight tickets put them right next to eachother, HUGE coincidence. Started talking about their operations, both got the exact same one. BOOM they loved eachother. haha

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    Not very fancy, we met on the internet 8 years ago.

    He just had to comment something I had written, and we ended up in a coversation because of it. 1 month later we met in real life, and 2 months after that we moved in together. Crazy, but we have now been together for almost 8 years. He is so good with words, and that's what caught my interest. I was, and still is, completely facinated over his ability to completely destroy me and others in discussions. Doesn't mean I always agree with him, but his ability to word himself rather flawless and quickly is turning me on.

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