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    Through WoW. Already knew eachother for somewhere around 1.5 years, as guild members. Guild disbanded and alot of people migrated to another server, turns out we both ended up migrating to the same server.
    Played start of WotLK, we leveld a character together at some point since we bumped into eachother. Then i quit playing for a couple of months, due to study presure.

    Came back months later with to a fresh lv80 in greens. She was online and i asked if she wanted to run some dungeons together and she said yes Ended up playing a lot together over the months that followed, did some raids together. And even stayed up till 5am once to finish a Naxx raid in a pug. And while farming Strat (old strat) for random lewt she said she liked me, over teamspeak. And thats how it started. We've been together for about 2.5 years now.
    Now she plays LoL while i chase after dragons in Skyrim. And she got me interested in SWTOR so we're gona try that together.

    WoW is a great hook up place it seems I know atleast 2 other couples, in my Wow friend group, that met and got together through WoW.

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    World of Warcraft here as well! We originally met through our guild, but we didn't think much of eachother. First time I directly spoke to him was in a VoA-pug since both of us had been taken to heal there.. I had whispered something along the lines of "We can just sit back and relax since *insert name* will be healing too" though I hardly got an answer out of him. Time went by and for some reason we together became a "joke" within the guild. I don't remember the exact details, but we were just messing around on guild chat and people started saying "You should have kids and they'd be trorcs!". Get it? I was a troll at the time and he's an orc.. Trorc. Not funny? Err.. Okay, moving on. We started messing around with our status just for the fun of it. We also ended up sending little gifst to eachother through the mail on WoW. Flowers, booze, pets.. Stuff like that.

    The major push was a mammoth-ride to Un'goro Crater during one Noblegarden.. I needed to get there on my lowbie druid in order to do the achievement and he offered to give me a ride there. We ended up talking about a lot of stuff and the mammoth rides became "the thing" we did during our talks. We talked about everything. One day we had been jumping of the high cliffs in Feralas and just sat at the little lake on the bottom of one of them. The talk turned to "What would be your dream girl/guy like?" and he said "I think she'd be like you.". And there we go... Been together for almost two years now and WoW is still one of the biggest things we do together. Did I mention I live in Finland and he lives in Holland? The distance is huge, but we've made serious plans about moving in together to one place or another once our studies are finished. The distance is hard, but it's definitely worth it. No one has made me this happy before.

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    High school (cliche right? lol ) We started dating just after graduation and have been together now for almost 6 years

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    Quote Originally Posted by Darkley View Post
    I actually met my girlfriend in WoW :P
    Same ^^

    Almost been a year now 9 months today ^.^
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    Haven't. Won't.

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