Slash roll is a raiding guild, Originally from Thaurissan US - In the burning crusade.
We have 2 branchs of Slash Roll from the original guild, One is based on Dath'Remar and now one here.

We raid 2 days a week, We are currently working out the 2nd raid day, Times and dates that will more then likely stick are the following

Wed - 7pm - 10pm (sometimes raid will extend to a max of 10:30)
Thursday - 7pm - 10pm

About Slash Roll
We are a very tight nit of gamers, Alot of us have been gaming together for years.
We believe that as long as we have 10 mates to raid with, The rest will come.
The guild wont be the best progression wise, However we aim to be a very relaxed environment to see what the game has to offer PvE wise with some fun.

Cataclysm Progression

BWD/BoT/ToFW - Tier 11
10/12 Normal

Firelands - Tier 12
7/7 Normal

What we can offer you
We will pay for your repairs and a mojority of your raid buffs needed / Flasks / Food buffs etc.

We are recruiting anything atm, We wish to bulster numbers to either break off into a 25 man guild or 2 10 man groups.

High Class Priority!
We are currently looking in particular for the following classes for raiding.
HEALERS!!! - Shaman - Priest
And a rogue to give the sexy daggers too!

Immediate spots available for ALL exceptional players.

If you have any questions about Slash Roll, Feel free to make a level 1 character and contact one of our members.