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  • Yes, cant wait to test out the game!

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    Do you want to play GW2 beta when its ready?

    So yeah as the title says..

    Personally i dont want to play the beta when it is eventually released, i mean it would be great to try out the game and see if i like it but one of the things i hated in the wow cata beta is when the game went live pretty much everything was spoiled for me and i knew everything that was gonna happen pretty much. Back when i was playing in BC and i had no idea of the wotlk beta, or even knew beta for games even existed (im only 17 okay lol) and after i picked up wotlk when it was released in stores i had no idea what was coming next and all the questing and events seemed pretty damn awesome to me (wrathgate was absoluetly amazing for me, so angry they removed it from the game)

    Well yeah as the title says Do you want to participate in the GW2 beta?

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    I don't want to play it either, pretty much for the same reasons as you. Other than those reasons you mentioned I think starting the game together with the whole community is great, and in live the things that you do will actually stay done rather than get wiped away after a little while.
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    I would not mind playing the beta if only for a few levels to get a taste and then stop.
    I like to have something in the game to surprise me and be new at the same time.

    Just like when I played the TOR beta,I stopped at level 10 and uninstalled it.
    I got a taste of the first zone,but wanted to leave the rest of the game a surprise and something to see as new when I buy it.

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    I'll play it, just not a whole lot. Don't want to spoil too much, but I definitely want to try it out. I feel like I wouldn't be able to stop myself after waiting so long to NOT play it.

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    hearing Izzy talk about it makes me want to play it and since he has been playing and testing the game for all these years and even plays it at home off the clock, it makes me even more eager as i know the game could have longevity for me. and besides i want to test it and make sure that it becomes the game we all hope it will be.
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    Usually I've always thought of myself as a non-beta person. However, if Anet won't make some kind of tool to pre-create characters, then I'd be interested in trying beta just to fiddle around with that. And maybe test out the game a bit on a race I do not plan to roll as immediately, as to not spoil things for me.

    But yeah, I put undecided there, I wouldn't be a good beta tester anyway, as I don't really care much for testing, and just want to play.

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    Pretty much the same reason as the first post...
    I don't want to ruin my expectations before the release as I did with Cata in WoW... I really regret that I signed up for the beta and played it, it totally destroyed the fun when the Cata offically came out.

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    So gonna spend 7 hours on thcharacter creation screen :| But i do agree with you, guys. I'd rather keep that ”ZOMFG THAT DID NOT JUST HAPPEN”-feeling. A game like this deserves to be played this way, in my humble opinion.
    Knowing myself tho, i probably won't resist in i get beta access.

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    I'd pretty much inhale the beta if I can get access to it Not with a race I'd play on release, though.

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    I don't see any real reason not to. I might not play the profession I'd play in the actual game, but it could be a good time to test out all the mechanics.
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    I've had the same experience with you exactly. Personally I'm not sure if I wan't to go into a beta, would I like to help and hopefully my input would mean something but at the same time, I don't want to get spoilers, I hate playing MMO's and then ending up losing your character and everything you've done and! I despise bugs >.< literally one thing that will make me nerdrage is bugs but I understand they happen.

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    A game, specially an MMO, needs public testing and I'm here to help! I'm super stoked for Guild Wars 2, played the first game for about a year, and I would love to test it out. Not just for my own benefit, but also to help the game developers out!

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    I'd play beta, but I might change my character choice. For example, I may create a Norn Ranger rather than a Charr Guardian. This way I test with a different personal story, different location, and a class that I mostly have meta interests in (pet system, which I've been cynical about in other MMOs on a combat level, GW1 included).

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    I personally wish to try it out, to see if it is even nearly as good as I think it is. Or in other words, I wish to see if it really is worth the money or not. So yeah, I wanna try beta out, but I probably would stop playing beta after a few days when I have made up my mind and wait for the final release.
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    Sure, I like to help improve the product if I can.

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    hellllll fffffffffffuuuuu daaaaaaaaaammmmmmnn yeeeeeeeeahhh, Yes I want to.

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    I would play the beta, but as others have said I won't roll my profession of choice right off the bat. The sylvari necro will rest for a while, and some other will take their place - for now.

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    I'm torn. I'd like to play it, but know it will spoil it for when I get the full thing.

    But then it'll be likely spoilt for me anyway because I read MMO Champ and people won't be able to keep their mouths shut. I'd probably rather spoil it for myself by playing it, rather than by reading about it.

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    I would play it, don't care about spoilers whatsoever, I just want the game
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    Hell yeah I do.

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