View Poll Results: Do you want to participate in the GW2 beta?

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  • Yes, cant wait to test out the game!

    171 73.39%
  • No, it will spoil the game for me

    38 16.31%
  • Undecided

    24 10.30%
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    Fuck yes, there's really nothing else I need to say lol

    I've never been more hyped over a game.

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    Im physically over-excited to try the Beta.

    I never played GW1, but just seeing the videos on youtube is more than enough for my mind to be set on GW2 as my next game. The Beta will be great in making sure my excitement is well-placed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mkalafut View Post
    You clearly have a right to judge a game that isn't even in beta yet. Also, really? If you don't like GW2 why are you even in the GW2 threads?
    Com'n, read my previous comments in this thread before jumping all over me. I've never said one bad thing about GW2, it was in the context of "I would like to play the Beta, that way if, by chance, I don't like it after all, I won't be out $60 dollars". Jeez....

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