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    I really doubt she does. Considering that Ponka mentioned earlier that it is in fact possible with good RNG. But she hits a lot harder than Gluth though. Although she doesnt heal herself throughout the fight, which means a lot easier on the DPS, but unlike Gluth, her debuff is probably impossible to reset. Not to mention the period where she stuns for 5 seconds and adds coming out everywhere. Definitely a harder fight than Gluth.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Solia View Post
    Grats, always nice to hear about what we can get done solo.

    Personally, the lack of a mount or Legendary drop from there gives me no reason to solo it.
    Oh but there is something legendary there, indeed:

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    I am still bitter that Priests still can't use swords...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Arlee View Post
    I am still bitter that Priests still can't use swords...

    Me too, it really upsets me that we can't even transmog any 1handers into them.

    OT: I'm gonna try to do this when I get home so I can get the rest of my T7 I want >.>
    [ -] <(-.-v) GTFO

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    Quote Originally Posted by Arlee View Post
    I am still bitter that Priests still can't use swords...
    I kinda doubt that priests can ever use swords =(

    Quote Originally Posted by Ponka View Post
    For those how interested in farming mounts, you can try soloing Onyxia. I was not able to found any videos of priest soloing here (only old ones with lvl60 version), so i made one.
    Cant post links so just search "Shadow priest solo Onyxia 10ppl" on youtube or just add /watch?v=tPkRLtXkQcQ
    It's my first movie so keep that in mind.
    PS. Sorry for my English.
    So after I was done with Gluth I went and tried Ony, and was able to down him. Your video definitely helped a lot. However I didn't have enough CDs to rotate through the fears. Once I wiped because I was on 60% when he feared. I had no CDs to use and during the fear he double critted me, which killed me. Having learned that lesson, I always keep myself topped above 80% in p3.

    Here is my video of the kill.

    EDIT: Link Fixed
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    I love it.

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    Updated with Maexxna kill.

    So after continuously wiping to the soft enrage on Maexxna I did a bit of research and found a way to actually cure the poison debuff, making the fight a lot more trivial.

    Went back in there and 1 shot (although a bit sloppy)

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    Managed to kill Thaddius.

    The only hard part of the fight is phase one, which is basically insane dps check. The main problem is to kill both mobs at the same time before lightning combined with melee damage annihilates you.

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    Ah yes grats on that kill. I suppose with all these new heroic DS gear, even Thaddius is now possible with the insane DPS. Just gotta live through initial part of the fight.

    Now that my guild has finished progression in Dragon Soul, I can definitely find more time to solo bosses again.

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    Great job!
    I was wondering, how much looted gold are we talking about overall? *Working on 'Got my mind on my money' achievement*

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    I'm not the one who farms old content for gold every week but my statistics shows around 200k looted gold. TK, SSK and MH bosses drop 250-300 gold each and they are quite easy, so you should try farming them. (Or you can just try buying Elementium Lockboxes)

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    Just got my own Thaddius kill earlier. Took quite a few attempts and all these attempts were very close on reaching p2. Finally got it after some good RNG.

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    I had to double check I saw this coming from the priest forums. I am very impressed to all you priests doing this out there!
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    Kel Thuzad took me soooo long on my DK...I've personally only solo'ed Saph and KT. Never tried for the rest. Thanks for the video's!

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    Hey cool work, I would like to try something like this eventually!

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    Nice vids Zanus, 2 questions for you.
    1. What was your ilvl in the vids?
    2. How much gold did you come away with from the full clear?

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    Quote Originally Posted by normallyinsane View Post
    Nice vids Zanus, 2 questions for you.
    1. What was your ilvl in the vids?
    2. How much gold did you come away with from the full clear?
    I assume you meant my vids since I couldn't find anyone here called zanus. My first naxx will was Sapphiron and I was around ilvl 374 at the time. My latest Thaddius kill was done at 402 ilvl and I assume Ponka's kill was done at around the same ilvl. I don't quite remember what ilvls I was in for all the other bosses though.
    Each boss drops around 150g and so far as a priest I cannot do a full clear since well... Priests aren't as good at soloing as DKs, hunters, locks and Druids, but clearing 13/15 can still get around 1.9k to 2k gold.

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    Nice video, I have been looking for something like this for naxx, i didnt know it was soloable by a priest ;P

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    Zsun, have you ever tried soloing with an Atonement spec? I imagine the damage output would be significantly reduced, but I wonder if the Atonement heals, and clever selection of talents like +2 might give you more survivability without having to change gear (shadow gear + Twisted Faith = yum).

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