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    Healing DS 10 man HC?

    Hello my guild is going to do our best to get some 10 man hc kills the first week however the setup problem we got is what healers we should go with and how many.

    We just 3 healed everything in the normal mode as we had enough dps anyway however most of it seems to be somewhat easy to two heal and I've read loads of posts about people doing it in normal mode so to my actual question:

    What bosses should be "easy" to 2 heal on heroic and then what classes would be the best to go with? We got one healer of each class atm and can swap on the different bosses if needed.

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    As far as I know heroic bosses was tested on PTR and even if that isent final it should at least give something to go on if it completely impossible to two heal or not for example.

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    My guild killed 8/8 normal mode on PTR and I killed 6/8 myself (not spine or warmaster) however we never tried any heroic fight. I don't expect a complete tactic guide I just want to know if anyone tried it on PTR and was able to heal with 2 healers or not. Getting advice is never bad but if you can't avoid raging and give construtiv critizism then just don't post.

    If they buffed so that you can't 2 heal anymore what is the problem with just saying that at once?

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    OMG, he's or she's ONLY asking if someone on ptr can share what they did. NO, i do not know this person. We know that ptr is far different, though, im pretty sure we're not the only 2 one looking for that kind of advice. what is wrong with people. More coffee?

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    I see a lot of people recommanding to 4 heal Morchok. Wouldn't it be harder not to hit the enrage that way?

    What about 25-man healing setup for Morchok?

    Also, why can't you do it packed?

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    It seems like they added an increase to damage taken from stomps after you take one, which would make taking 2 in a row a one shot.

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    Split into 2 5man grps on morchok keep spread win
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