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    Player comp for ds

    Im wondering what is the player composition for ds 10 normal? I know that alot of bosses needs only one tank but what about healers (2 or 3)?
    Also what about ranged and mellee ratios?
    I remember fl being more towards ranged, but how is ds?
    We are kinda mellee heavy, could that be a problem in ds?

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    Maybe the melee players are better, I don't know, but the warrior/rogue/death knight have been destroying our meters this week (all in 388/389 gear). Unless you're all melee, it shouldn't be too much of a problem.

    I know that we 2-tanked all except for Yor'Sahj and Hagara, but Spine would have definitely been 1-tankable. I think most of the fights were done with 3 healers, but from the PTR I know that 2 would've been np if we weren't being over-cautious.

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    The way we did them was:

    Morchok: 2x tank, 2x healer: it could be done solo healer with decent gear as the boss is a joke

    Yor'sahj: 2x tank, 2x healer:

    Zon'ozz: 1x tank, 3x healer: is two healer able if you can get the mechanic down correctly

    Hagara: 1x tank, 3x healer: we did it 3 healer just to kill it at raid end time, it is do-able with 2.

    Ultraxion: 2x tank, 2x healer: we haven't killed it yet but we are hitting the enrage with two healers, dps have to be on their game for this one

    The rest I don't know, my group is mainly 386 item level ish some lower not many higher. Melee heavy groups shouldn't really have an issue for most of those fights except for Morchok & Zon'ozz but the damage should be heal-able and Ultraxion seams to favor melee.
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