Thread: LFR Nerfed?

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    LFR Nerfed?

    Hello So I cleared the LFR for the thrid time at midnight (ye that's how cool I am ) anyway jokes aside
    The nerf I believe have happen is at the last boss on LFR, who only have 2 set of spikes going clockwise around him and not 4 anymore.
    Might have been a bugg but I don't think so.

    PS: I believe that LFR is a succes however nerfing something that's already is easy (saying easy from looking at how people is handling the encounters).

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    Unless it was a hotfix applied in the last 3 hours, I don't think so. There were 4 when I ran it earlier.

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    i had 4 going around

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    killed it at around 11.55

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    I had four a bit over an hour ago.

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    Well I've just heard in another thread that LFR has actually been stealth buffed, so I'd be more inclined to call it a bug.
    maybe the rarest pepe was the friends we made along the way

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