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    Streaming Dragon soul 19.30 CET 30/11

    Will be streaming our progress in the new raid tonight at 19.30 server time so tune in if you can't for any reason explore the place yourselves. Will most likely keep streaming when we start on the Heroic part whenever it's released (a week or 2)

    I'll be happy to give feedback on whatever anyone might wonder about the fights or anything else for that matter, just poke me in game.

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    will tune in, thanks! not playing wow anymore, just want to see how the bosses and interior looks :P

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    Watching it now, like the music :P
    turbonegro :P

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    any way to reduce the quality a bit? stealing some wifi from one of my hundred neighbours and it freezes sometimes

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    Decreasing quality? what is this madness! :P

    sry for the AFK ing in durotar in case any1 is watching, will be in again after this boss for the rest of the night

    thx for tuning in!
    I'm hot irl, what's your excuse?

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    This Wednesday it should be Heroic unless Blizzard pulls some weird shit, so tune in for that!
    I'm hot irl, what's your excuse?

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