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    Quote Originally Posted by Thuran View Post
    Wow, this fight looks incredibly underwhelming.

    Trying to think of how they could make Deathwing the most epic dragon fight ever, instead of all the things they could have done, they decided to for "he goes into tentacle mode and bleeds on you" -_- Basically the entire fight is beating on a guy that is already beaten and it in it's design (not saying it's easy, just referring to how the "story" of the fight pans out) lacks a sense of threat or climax. Really, where is the entire feeling of being in over your heads that you had when someone like ragnaros popped up?

    Like most other parts of this expansion, I am sorely disappointed that this was the best they could come up with, especially considering how the biggest dragon fight of the game so not a dragon fight! ><
    I was talking to a friend last night and we were talking about this. We agreed the fight could be 10 times better if like in the beginning of the fight all four of the platforms were connected. This would gives more room for many more mechanics, MCs, Lasers coming from his eyes, aoe ground effects, but debuffs on people, a frontal cone breath and he slowly moves in a circle, etc. Anything to add to the complexity of the encounter.

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    based off the ilvl of the gear it is indeed LFR which is supposed to be puggable so dont think that this is any scale of how awsome the fight may be

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    Those posts of "How boring is an encounter we've never faced" are just begging for a standard "Yea, measure an encounter on a LFR PTR video" reply.

    Srsly, whine when you 1shot this boring, easy boss on HC mode. GL with that.

    And btw, whatever the difficulty is the. fight. is. epic.

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    can you please tell me the names of all the addons in your ui.

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    I'm not saying the fight looks easy or anything, but it does look boring. Rag had 10x the things to watch out for/do. LK reg was pretty intense too (not going to include heroic mode, because a) never did H LK during WotLK and b) this wasn't even normal, nevertheless Heroic) I just feel sort of underwhelmed by this and it does look very boring to what it could have been.

    Now I can just combine the two DW fights in my head, and it'd be pretty epic, but this.... this was just kind of sad...

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    Quote Originally Posted by underzenith View Post
    What's great about Madness (I have the Destroyer's End title on PTR) is the fact that it can be done tons of different ways. Picking your own poison for which aspects get taken out (and the infinite number of possibilities there are for handling the heroic version) not to mention the fact that BOTH Deathwing encounters are very unique, they are just awesome feeling fights.

    I enjoyed Firelands despite its short length and wonky tuning, and the very jarring nerf, but I haven't been "pumped" for a raid zone in quite a while, and this one, due to its unorthodox design, has succeeded at doing that. I can't wait to get into the heroics.
    Dragon Soul is looking like a raid I'll enjoy, especially now that my heals are now pretty sexy

    My guild did Madness R - Y - B - G but I've seen as many as three other strats work just as well. It all depends on how comfortable your raid is with eachother and also on what classes you bring for certain takes on the fight.

    Tuesday, why do you have to be after Monday?

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    I know it probably comes down to raid composition and all, but from people's experience on the PTR on regular 10-man, which buff is the most/least valuable and possibly best way to go abouts with the platforms? And are most people 2 or 3-healing this? Thanks.
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    Of course an NPC (Thrall, it seems?) steals all the glory (AGAIN, ICC anyone? Ohhaidere Tirion nice of you to help us!) and actually kills the last boss themselves. Blizzard never fails to make the NPC's seem obscenely powerful compared to the actual players. Oh well...

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    This fight is any doctor's dream.

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    Quote Originally Posted by timoseewho View Post
    I know it probably comes down to raid composition and all, but from people's experience on the PTR on regular 10-man, which buff is the most/least valuable and possibly best way to go abouts with the platforms? And are most people 2 or 3-healing this? Thanks.
    Our group will probably do an order of Ysera > Noz > Alex > Kaleg but it can vary heavily based on your group.

    2 tanks 3 healers would prob be your best setup as well until you get all the kinks worked out.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bbr View Post
    Seems rather,. boring. Might just be me, but I was kind of expecting something more "badass" from deathwing.
    I suppose it's not easy to really make it super epic, but we've been anticipating something for so long and for it to be so awesome, that anything they put up could only be considered "meh".
    Regardless of how cool it actually is or not.

    It might look better from a different perspective - half the movie we didnt see much more than a claw...
    No one have seen a single second of the heroic encounter. That fight could (and probably will) be completely diffrent from the normal version.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dragon9870 View Post
    On-Topic: EXTREMELY disappointing after the most craptastic expansion that had a total runtime of about 18 months (Expecting MoP to be out around May-July). Honestly I thought they'd put a lot of time into the last boss, but eh. I guess not At least the other bosses do look interesting and fun :P
    Yeah ... I have to agree, on both accounts even. Sure it's got it's difficulties but that's just in dealing with tons of adds as usual ... While the overall "look" of the battle definitely seems ... less epic than it should be considering the size of this beast of a boss... (Beating on the side of his face to finish him off ... really? =/ How about breaking down his skull and destroying his brain? Maybe a crazy fight for survival to get out of his maw? Break his teeth down as a way out while damaging in the process? Maybe even destroy his very core? Nah ... lets just chip away at his cheeks, that'll do him in for sure!! OOO ... EPIC ... :B)

    And then, more importantly, the run time of this expansion which to me, looks like it goes hand in hand with this lack of thoroughly thought out or truly inspired boss mechanic ... come on ... think about when this expansion was released ... and here they are rushing this along, and it SHOWS by how fast we're already at Deathwing and getting ready for a new expansion to pay for ... Lame.

    If anyone disagrees with that, then they're just the perfect game for Blizzard to profit from because they're obviously trying to rush to the next expansion before they lose too many players and don't net enough profit from said upcoming expansion.

    This truly disappoints me as Blizzard never seemed to truly care about the players. And it's this kind of crap that has lead to the game declining in player base further and further, which consequently has lead to them pushing out expansions ... faster and faster! Corporate greed FTL.

    I wish Blizzard would stop being such a greedy company and give the already paying, long time loyal players, something they deserve without having to pay extra for it on top of monthly fees. This crap is just setting the bar lower and lower until it's just trash. Tired of it ...

    /End TLDR

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    Quote Originally Posted by oraculum View Post
    I promise you. Doing the exact same thing looping for 10+ min is not interesting... Doing the same thing for 10+min every week until the end of the expansion? Incoming burnout worse than ICC ever cause in a much faster time. I'm sorry, and end boss (let alone this being Deathwing) without phases is the most disappointing thing Blizzard could have ever done for me, a 7 year raider. There hasn't been one tier boss that has been this simple... ever. Clearly Blizzards desire to cater to casual raiders (LFG raids) has resulted in the most uninteresting end tier boss to date.

    I've tried to be patient in the hopes that "it's the PTR, they'll make it better"... But it really looks like Blizzard is going to go ahead and release this instance unfinished and unpolished...
    We don't know the HC version yet, which is really what matters to most decent raiders.

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