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    I've played as a healer on everything bar a Paladin, and I've just decided I'm now going to roll a Merc Bodyguard.

    I started in TBC, and played a Resto Druid, for the most part, doing early heroics and so on I just used the standard blizzard UI to heal, then I discovered healbot and have been raiding with that ever since. So, whilst some elitists might frown on my point-and-click healing adventure, it was just so much easier than using the built in raid frames.

    Now healing in TOR, I'm going to have to use raid frames, are they awkward to use? Especially coming from the nursery that is Healbot, I'm not a complete tool all the way and I catch on pretty quickly, but I just feel i'm going to be a lot slower reaction wise than I was with Healbot.

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    I'm definitely going Operative. I played one to 26 in beta and it was a blast.

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    There has been quite a few posts in this topic either stating or complaining that the way swtor heals is similiar to WoW's TBC healing minus downranking, i.e simple/boring healing. although i primarily played melee (tanking and dps) in wow i also had a healer and i think that simpler healing with more of an emphasis on timing/mana and positioning the whole way through an encounter is far more enjoyable then just having a complex rotation and every minute or X % you use Y cooldown or move to a certain spot.
    I plan on playing a sith iquisitor healer in swtor and i am really anticipating using situational awareness and using half a dozen abilities at the correct time or on the correct person more then just standing still and needing a naga mouse just to top healing meters or be seen as the raids best healer.

    i just dont find downranking a heal (BC) or spamming holy light or just keeping track of lifebloom/rejuv interesting. i prefer having to run around constantly worrying about mana and healing as needed. to me thats more engaging.

    tldr? less technical healing routines more emphasis on engaging the healer in the encounter.

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    I tried correcting this awhile ago, but my profile is new and I guess the post was never approved. But I'll try again:

    Your values for Force Weaving (Resurgence Bonus) for Sorcs are off:

    Force Weaving (Resurgence) Bonuses:
    1. Reduces force cost of Dark Heal by 50%
    2. Reduces force cost of Revivification by 30%
    3. Increases crit chance of Innervate by 25% (which in turn, lets you cast Consumption without a health/force degen cost)
    4. Lowers cast-time of Dark Infusion by 1 seconds

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    Thanks for the corrections! I changed the values in the main post to reflect them.

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    Yes... the Sorc skill tree definitely offers a some advantages. It a little easier to forget having to manage energy once you get into your level 20 range. IA/Medic comfort comes much later with the Surgical probe. I'm still really torn regarding which healer to roll. I guess you really have to think.. Level 50, Level 50, Level 50.

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    Soooo... it's kind of like Han Solo stops in the middle of a gunfight to cast Holy Light on Luke? Meanwhile Boba Fett is firing a rocket full of bacta at Darth Vader which forms a protective shield around him?

    Man MMO mechanics don't make much sense in the Star Wars universe.

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    I love useful posts.

    Thanks to the OP for taking the time to think and write all that up for us.

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    Loved this! Thank you for writing it up. My brother and I both love healing. He has went Sorc, so I have to decide between Operative and Mercenary. Leaning towards Merc, but I'm really liking the sound of the stronger HoT healing in Operative.

    I guess I'll see once I get to play the game on Tuesday!
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    Thanks OP. I played a Resto Shaman in WoW, and didn't even read up on SWTOR healer classes... just picked the Inquisitor. Loved my Shammy, hoping I love this too, once I get there.

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