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    Balance leveling

    Hey guys.

    I recently returned to WoW via Scroll of Resurrection, the one which allows me to insta-lvl a character up to 80 lvl. I chose to lvl up a Druid, because he's the only one I don't had heirlooms (spell-leather). I chose Balance and since I had never played a druid before, I read a lot of guides and watched a lot of videos on how to play.

    However, all guides were made for 90 level druids on how to maximize their dps/tank/heal. I couldn't find any guide teaching how to actually level one! I know, , SoR gives you the opportunity to power level but if you haven't played the toon before, it will be tough.

    So I went to Hyjal and did some quests as Balance. To my surprise, things were too easy, but I had one problem :survivability.
    I have leveled a Mage, a Shadow Priest and an Elemental Shaman (Caster DPS all the way) but it's the first time I have survivability issues. Mages have Ice Barrier, SPriests have shield and awesome cc (void tentrils), Ele Shaman has totems but I didn't find something for my balance druid, that will help me while I'm taking heavy damage by 2-3 mobs on questing. Sure I have the entanglements, but they break when the mob is taking damage. I have Cyclone which doesn't allow me to do damage etc....

    I know I am a total noob on playing balance, I guess I have missed something. Can you please help me?
    Any tips are welcomed!
    Thanks for your patience.

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    You have Typhoon, Ursols vortex, Displacer beast, Self heals... Use them all.

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    Pick Cenarion Ward for a talent and keep it up alongside a rejuve whenever things are getting rough. You should have no issues from there. Cenarion Ward is pretty much the answer.

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    Remember that natural forces are your best friends.
    use your various abilities

    1. glyph of moonbeast is a must, and a convenient keybind for Rejuvenation to keep it on you at all times.
    2. when you get low on HP you can use (depending on your judgement) - Nature's Swiftness macroed with healing touch (usually enough), or Might of Ursoc,
    3. use Barkskin on you whenever you pull more than 1 mob.
    4. if you re getting overwhelmed actually DO USE your offensive CDs, Incarnation then Celestial Alignment.
    Most players who level are afraid to use CDs for questing, while they are thinking it s better to save it for something else, which is ridiculous because CDs are just 3 mins.
    Depending on your questing pace, you could probably use offensive CDs for every other pull.

    5. if you pull really TOO many, and you re not a 1 happy night elf druid with Shadowmeld, just hit Dash and RUN AWAY ,
    when dash ends switch to travel form if you re not far away enough to get rid of them.
    6. get yourself a convenient keybind for your Typhoon, and Solar Beam+Ursol's vortex macro. and USE these abilities.
    7. use Hibernate and Entangling Roots to keep bigger packs "queued" for the fight, hit nature's grasp when you re in melee range with more than 1 melee mob.
    8. multi dot mobs to get a SS instaprocs.
    9. LAST but not LEAST: dont be a melee boomkin - remember to STAY IN DISTANT RANGE.

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