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    @susiemac That set looks just amazing 10/10 also tabard is a must.

    I really like our new samurai leveling gear. Just need a sweet tabard to go with it.

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    @Defang, 8/10, really does look like an awesome samurai :P I'll have to look into it if I get MoP

    Sometimes I forget I'm a druid ;o.. though in this case the enchant reminds me :/
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    earthworm could you post what items these are and where from if you could(not a major) but this is the best ive seen or if anyone else could help me out

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    [QUOTE=earthwormjim;14535301] what are these items if you could let me know that would be great or anyone else for your tauren druid

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    cool transmog but i prefer sets that are mixed and matched. It's hardly unique if you just transmog into a premade tier set that already existed. 6/10

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    I'm not too fond of the semi-naked sets sadly Yogzula, but I'd give you a 5/10 just for the effort of putting a set like that together, I know certain pieces can be impossible to find ^.^
    Not allowed to post images yet, so visit this link instead :P
    http: // jpg

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    imgur. com/a/0xZ4x#V5J1hwF

    tinyurl. com/d2trh3c

    Same location, just one is a shorter thing to type in case you don't want to copy and paste :P

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    There's already an active well established thread for transmog sets. Closing.
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