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    I was shy and awkward, with few friends. Little bit of a smartass and a know-it-all, always did pranks with my friends and classmates - but I always got away because I was such an "angel" hah.

    Cried alot, got picked on quite a bit, got into fights and arguments and whatnot. Chairs, desks, iron rods, shovels, icicles (sp?), snowballs, rocks, sticks, baseball bats, milk crates and basicly anything that could be used to smack people with, or thrown at people. Was used frequently by all of us kids lol.
    Quite the violent bunch...

    I used to sit and watch documentaries about animals, the universe and whatnot. Could be seen reading dinosaur books othwerwise, I swear I knew all the names.
    Also apparently I used to sing quite a bit...
    Played alot with Lego, stil got like 11kg of Lego. Lost many of the plans though, should have asembled all of it otherwise.

    I always dared people that I could do werid stuff on request, i've eaten bugs (big deal, what kid havent), worms, raw crabs, fish, drank 1 litre of water with dish washer liqud and olive oil (lol what?). Thrown dogcrap all over some neighbours windows (added water for extra effect..), destroyed hundreds of Polystyrene boxes that where supposed to be used by the local fish processing plant (without getting caught thank god O.o).
    They where stacked, and me and some friends jumped from a hill onto the highest ones, and fell through multiple ones, then punched and kicked ourself passageways through the boxes.

    Good times ^_^

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    I was obsessed with video games and Nintendo characters at an early age, to the extent that it was contagious with other people, I liked running around the big garden we luckily had (though the house was falling down, and we were in huge danger of bankruptcy if that shaky wall would just happen to collapse on top of someone), I was also very stubborn and had confrontations with a kindergarten teacher who tried to get me with the rest of the class to drink cartons of milk, which I hated and refused to do so. I was fussy and had a very small appetite, still do now really. Got on well with many people, but I probably came across as strange and in a dream world.
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    I was the best kid a mother could ask for, just sat quietly all day every day and played with my toys :3

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    I was the scapegoat of the family and everything at home revolved around my sisters aggressive temper. I was expected to keep her happy, denying my own feelings and concerns. I was also expected to be the family psychiatrist, where my mother and sister would regularly dump issues on my shoulders which I was too young to understand. My sister threatened me a lot and blackmailed me. if I didn't keep her happy, she would revenge me for weeks without my mother stopping it.
    I became the scapegoat of the school as well, escalating into a bullying and harassment situation. Everybody knew I would never defend myself and they could easily guilty-trap me and I wouldn't tell anyone what happened.

    From the time that I was 12 until I was 23 I didn't have a single friend. I had one friend in school, but I didn't meet her on a regular basis and other kids refused to invite me home or to their birthday parties, so I was always left out. I guess it's an understatement that I'm used to being lonely.
    I'm diagnosed with high-functioning autism and PTSD.

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    I was big and farely shy early in my life.Cant really remember much other than that I was never into sport and a bit clingy.Parents were nice nothing really bad happened, did start playing video games when I was 3 lol.
    When I was 12 about 6"4 feet tall was a giant in fact.Always top of my class or nearly top competing with only another guy and a girl. When I was 16 the girl I was competing with became my girlfriend.
    Me and my girlfriend ended up going to the same college and im 27 and happily still with her.
    So yea really borring life, stayed out of trouble, top of my class aand really not much more

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