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    Somewhere south of the northpole

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    i call my dog oghan, its a kinda purposeful misspell of the word for "little lad" in irish

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mowgles View Post
    Both of our dogs are named after nerdy culture. Charlie is my first dog (named after my favorite character on Lost) and Zelda is the second (self-explanatory). Any TV shows or video games you adore? Pick a nifty name from there, but nothing too difficult to say!
    We do this too.
    Our Puppy is named Sura:

    from Spartacus.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Mormolyce View Post
    [The contents of this post can be unlocked in random loot boxes available from your local ISP. We want to provide readers with a feeling of pride and accomplishment when they read it.]

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    Muru, it is finnish and means honey/darling :3

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    Quote Originally Posted by lohi View Post
    Muru, it is finnish and means honey/darling :3
    It also means "oh god please let the raid end before I murder someone!"

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    Obviously name him Kael'thas, since your dog Simba was only a setback.

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    My dog is named Garrosh (after Garrosh Hellscream) but other names i was thinking about was Grom (Grom Hellscream) , Brox/Broxigar (Broxigar the Red), Thrall and Ogrim (Ogrim Doomhammer). Also Týr and Thor were options (viking god of war and god of thunder)

    It's a rottweiler.

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    2 labs ago: Dog just plain loved to run. I proposed naming him Bo as in Bo Jackson. As in, this dog is running and nothing will ever stop him until he decides he is done. Also, happens to be a nice single syllable word that dogs pick up on quickly and not something in common vocabulary that will confuse him. Some how my mom turned that into Beau.....for a boy..... Anyways, whether we meant Bo or Beau the name stuck.

    Current lab: He was a little monster. Great demeanor, but just freakishly huge. He was also nearly pure white when we picked him. I proposed Brick, Tank or Casey (short for Mighty Casey) because he looks like he will walk through trees instead of going around. After a couple of weeks of arguing we eventually settled on Casey. He's now about 100 lbs of solid muscle and the vet describes him as the perfect physical specimen of a lab.

    Previous labs (all black labs): Shadow and Bandit

    TLDR We always gave our dogs descriptive names. I'd suggest picking the dog up, then naming him during the first week when something hits you.

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    Well, if you already had a Simba, then your next dog should be... Mufasa! Come on! It had to be said!

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    Name him Rammus!
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    Why not Zoidberg?

    .. or Chuck

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    Gabriel perhaps. Or Varian, :P

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    Dog 10chars

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    bob, call your new dog bob
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    If it's a manly dog; Pepé.
    If it's a girly one; Rex.

    Indulge in irony!

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    My dogs' names are Gromulous (Grommet for short) Forbin and Remmie Rose...

    Not that... that helps a lot but.. we try to keep our dogs' unique, like people.

    No Rover, Max, Chomps, Cookie, Muffy....... none of that crap here.

    Our Puggle (Grommet) I named Gromulous Forbin, because we try to put a little old latin twist on names, hence Gromulous from Grommet... and the middle name Forbin is from a Colonel... in a war... for a book. Hehehehhe.

    And Remmie Rose comes from the name Remy, as in Remy Lebeau, or "Gambit" from the X-Men comics/movies because.... she is a spit-fuck little Boston Terrier who turns EVERYTHING into energy. And Rose just seemed to go with it.

    So, honestly, we treat our animals like family, as anyone should with good pets.... so we name them like family, with background and personality.

    Edit: As someone stated... dogs pick up on syllables when you are calling them or talking to/about them. They detect syllables and annunciation of syllables, so... as an example: A dog named "Max" will also respond to names like "Fats", "Jack", "Pat" etc etc. But if you have two dogs with the same number of syllables, just be sure there is different annunciation on different parts, I.E.- Our dogs "Grommet" and "Remmie".... the "eee" sound at the end of Remmie's name differentiates when we are calling/talking to them.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Komie View Post
    They still say Cata needs a lot of work, and this expansion (edit for reference: MoP) is in the final stages.
    Quoted for... truth? on 11/30/2011.

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    Name them Sit. It works.

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