View Poll Results: How Old Are You?

946. You may not vote on this poll
  • < 15

    16 1.69%
  • 15 - 25

    628 66.38%
  • 26-35

    244 25.79%
  • 36-45

    46 4.86%
  • > 45

    12 1.27%
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    16 now. 17 on Christmas Eve

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    Eh, why not. 19 at your service.

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    Worst poll ever. 15-25? Lol.

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    i will be 19 next week

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    Im currently 21 but il be 22 in 18 days.

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    15-25 age group by far the most representative! Guess that explains why these forums are so full of QQ and whining. I'm just saying

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chronnos View Post
    15-25 age group by far the most representative! Guess that explains why these forums are so full of QQ and whining. I'm just saying
    15-25 is big age group. And it's the far most representative for gaming in general. And you'd expect whining on a World of Warcraft forum when Blizzard starts to mess things up like they have lately.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tziva View Post
    Um, it has nothing to do with that. A ten year age span is huge, . A better split would have been 15-19, 20-25.
    But all the other age spans are 9 years so that one gets 1 extra, granted it should be 15-24 or 16-25. What does breaking it down into 4-5 year chunks really tell you ? And I'd stick with the prediction that if it was 15-19 and 20-25 those two demos would still make up the majority that it does now, probably a 25%-35% split. Sure it's always nice to get detailed info, but doesn't the Poll have a limit ? Guess he could have just lumped anyone over 31 in together since it would appear that's a pretty small amount of MMO-Champ readers.

    That's like doing a survey of men who watch action films, based on those numbers, and doing a 15-35year old category. Surprise, everyone is in it. But does that tell you any real data? No, not that you didn't already know. It has nothing to do with 15 year olds not wanting to be grouped with 35 year olds.
    The data tells you that a 15y/o and a 35 y/o like the same thing, that's part of the point of knowing your demographics to know how to cater your advertisements too. If you knew that 90% of your demo was 12-15, you probably wouldn't do car or electric shaver ads. Knowing that an action film appeals to "MALES" in the age of 15-35, then there's not much you have to tweak other. If you knew that your action film only appealed to 15-19 year olds, you'd need to tweak alot.
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    Just turned 26.

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    26 myself - turning 27 next April

    You guys/gals make me feel old

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    Man i am 22 and have to go in the same poll as a 15 year old... not cool.

    I just post in a month old tread i should have looked really sorry.
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