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    Anyone else having trouple login in to swtor client and website?

    Just got the e-mail where i was accepted, setup the account entered the 3 secret questions etc etc.
    Then downloaded the client and tryed to login, couldent.
    Then tryed to login on the website, couldent.
    Tryed to rest my password then i could get 1 step further in the login process from the client, but then secret asnwer is wrong try password again then can get further.
    However if u reset my password then i get one step further but goes one step backwards when i enter my information.
    Havent been able to login at the website since i setup the questions....

    Wierd, dunno if the login server for both the client and the website is down? couldent be since it accepts my password the first time ive reset it??

    i posted in the other thread but wasent about login issues but installing the acualclient

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    website has been severely overloaded for the better part of today, calm down, it will work again soon(tm)
    if you can perfectly reach the account-website and just not login, I bet there's something mixed up with your secret question that went wrong, and you should probably contact the tech-support-phone, think the number's somewhere in the mail or launcher

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    Almost look like they're capping users on SWTOR.com. I got a "sorry we're experiencing too much load" message followed by a near-instant load up on a refresh 3 min later.

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    Can people stop making this same thread over and over?

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