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Nope. I'm not a Star Wars fan at all. It's always been overrated to me. But a bunch of people are playing I know so it should be fun for a bit. It's really the only reason to play an MMO. Doing it alone is just boring. If no one was playing though I would pass over it in a heart beat.
You don't have to necessarily be a Star Wars fan to get a rush from the opening scroll. Myself, I may have actually seen each movie once, just so I know about it, but, regardless if I had seen the content or not, that damn scroll is just neat. Then, when I started playing my character last beta weekend, I saw it going, I had a chill, and I'm no major Star Wars fan...but I am a game fan...and I love putting myself in the story, as if it was a story about me. So, the epic crawl gave me a chill for different reasons XD