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    Question 55 MB download and weird "login" error

    Something weird - I downloaded the .exe, installed it, and started the launcher. All in about 10 minutes. Total installation is 55 MB. There does not seem to be an option to download the actual game, and I get a "you are logged in from a region that we do not allow" error when I try. Any ideas?

    I used the download link sent in the e-mail from SWTOR.

    Edit: Installation did check available disk space, asked for 20G and some change.
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    After you download the launcher you would normally login and then the launcher downloads the rest of the client (about 30GB).

    However it sounds like you may be in a red zone, all you can do is try and contact customer service and see if it's an error on their side.

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    Looked into that. On this link:


    I see:

    "You cannot send more than 3 messages per hour. Please try again later."

    I have not sent a single message, ever!

    I hope that this is not foreshadowing of Bioware's (in)ability to manage a MMORPG...

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    Found some info:


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    Looks like this has to do with security questions. Updated mine and now it's asking me one, but the answer is not taking...

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    Yeah I had the same thing happen. Filled out my security questions, plopped in my answers, and away it went. Security answers seem to be case sensitive by the way.

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    My friend had the same issue.

    Log into the swtor website and change a security question. Then save them.

    It should kick off after that.

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    Hrmm .. my total installation was 20 Gig's or so .. 12 or so downloaded, then unpacked to the full 20 (actually 18.5 Gig on the HD)

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