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    Annie Lennox - No More I Love Yous

    Goo Goo Dolls - Name

    Johnny Cash - Hurt

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    I can't remember what song it is because tbh i dont enjoy feeling depressed so whenever it came on the tv i'd turn over, but not long ago my chemical romance rereleased one of their songs for the japan tsunami victims and the video really hit me, was some seriously emotional stuff going on.

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    The beatles - Yesterday, it was played at my moms funeral when i was young so it always remember that day :C

    Biosphere - Poa alpina, its not a vocal song but the atmospheric sound is so sad :C (Ambient)

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    I Set My Friends On Fire - Soulja Boy.

    The song is so hilariously bad I ended up crying.

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    Can't say that I've ever cried because of a song, but it has been close with this one. So many good memories come to mind while listening to it.


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    I dunno about you, but the first time I saw this:, I cried my heart out. The music didn't help =/

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    Rather appropriate since my name has "rain" in it:

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    Quote Originally Posted by Thehansenman View Post

    I laughed so much I started crying and almost fell off the chair...

    But i guess that wasn't really what you ment... So here's a song that made me cry because it's soo good.

    is the first one white chappel?

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    i can't believe nobody has mentioned Tears in Heaven by Eric Clapton... i mean, he is singing about his 4 year old son who fell more than 50 stories high out of a skyscraper to his death. music cant GET any sadder than that.

    also Thief by Our Lady Peace, another song about a kid who died. /tear

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    One of the best acoustic sets I have ever heard. He was a very talented man.
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    Good friend of mine died in a car accident on the drive home from a festival, this was the last band that played:

    The last words he said to me were "Turisas sucks". Life is strange.

    "grief no more over friends who died, that day will come to us all..."

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    Crying to a song?

    I don't think I've ever seen or heard anyone do that before...


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    hurt definitely made me cry

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    Oh... Lots. Often for different reasons, actually. I'm quite emotional and the reasons differ. I'll list a few;

    Listening to Hoppípolla while standing in the rain, watching the sun appear from behind the clouds and just taking in the moment is one of the most beautiful moments in life. That's then I shed tears out of pure beauty. It just fills me with such strong emotion, can't resist it.

    To this I cry because I can relate. The lyrics catch me and how I've felt towards life and my current girlfriend. She has helped me through my Bipolar Disorder which fucked up a big part of my life. Thanks to my medication I am actually able to cry again after about 12 years and now I cherish every moment of it. Shedding tears or crying to music is something quite unbelievable. Don't ever be afraid of it.

    This one is a bit similar to Hoppípolla. When I put on my headphones, turn the volume up and just sink in and live in the music, I feel such emotion that I cry tears of joy. The heroism and feel of it is just stunning, major props to John Powell for such a masterpiece.

    I think one major reason as to why people don't cry to music is because they don't listen, they only hear.
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    Purely for the great and terrible memories this brings back.

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    and most of bloody all:

    Both beautiful. Loved the How to train Your Dragon track earlier, that film is incredible.

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