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    I've never been brought to tears by a song, but if any songs could ever make me cry it would be these:

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    The ending song in Gran Torino made me shed a tear.
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    Broke up with my girlfriend of 4 years. Never shed a tear over anything until I hear this song and saw the video and just couldn't hold it back.

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    I don't cry to music. Because I just hear the music, I don't listen usually.
    In movies however the music can push me to cry because the visual input together with the auditory input is stronger. Braveheart and Gladiator usually gets me every time. Especially Braveheart when he cries Freedom and the "Freedom / Execution Bannockburn" song starts. 4:30 and onwards when watching the movie usually gets me.

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    I'm serious about that last one, and I play Horde so when I first heard it somehow struck a chord.

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    As soon as I saw this thread, I immediately got chills as this song came to mind.

    It always happens.

    I already have almost a fear of hospitals, and this is so... poetic. I write songs, and dream of conveying emotion this effectively.

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    Congratulations, here is the most ruthlessly sad song you will ever listen to:

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    Agree with the Anathema song posted last page, also the Clannad soundtrack one (although I guess you have to have watched Clannad After Story for it to have full effect ;_; ).

    Another Anathema one (probably the saddest song I know):

    Tonight's Music by Katatonia also gets me sometimes:

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