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    D3 Download - 100% CPU ....what?

    So I thought I'd be able to play Skyrim while I downloaded D3. WRONG!

    The D3 Downloader is taking up 100% of my CPU. Wtf mate? The Agent.exe process is taking about half and Blizzard Launcher is taking the other half.

    Why exactly is the D3 Downloader so ridiculously processor intensive?

    My only guess is that its installing the game as it downloads it. Useful if you want to play as soon as enough of it is downloaded, but not so great if your trying to play another game in the mean time. Is there any way to disable this feature? I've tried to just set the afinity of those two processes to one processor core so I could play Skyrim on the other, but its telling me I don't have access for Agent.exe
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    It installs the game while downloading I guess.

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    I didn't have this problem, though I turned off p2p mode since that kills my upload speed and makes other games lag. Maybe try that.

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